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A collection of articles about the rules on our site, some of our psychics, background about our site, and a few of the things we’d like to do.

I Hate Psychic Bitch

Why You Hate Psychic Bitch

We’re happy you found us! We really are. It’s readers like you that make our site what it is! And we hope that you’re happy you found us, too! We also know that some of you aren’t, and we understand why you hate Psychic Bitch. We get where you’re coming from. We know that you’re all twitterpated about getting a free psychic reading. You submit your question, and you wait, and you wait… and it archives out. Maybe you try again, and maybe it archives out again—or maybe even worse, Batt Fastard gets hold of it and gives you a short, sharp, shock! What started out as something that made you excited and full of hope turned into a long story of frustration and hurt feelings. What went wrong—and even more important, how do you fix it so that it doesn’t happen again? (more…)

Karma's Venom

Karmas yul-a-g

In honor of the memory of one of our founders – Karma’s Venom

Karmas yul-a-g

When Boss ask me to write Karma’s yule-a-g, I didn’t think I could write it.

Karma, this is the last song I’ll ever write for you.

Karma was born the night the lights went out in Georgia on the banks of the Wabash in southern Indiana.

Growing up she was a member of the National Rifle Ass. and the Y.M.C.A. where you can do most anything. (more…)

Health Questions

No Health Questions – Why?

We make it a policy to not answer questions about fertility, pregnancy, paternity, or health in general. Many have asked why? Most psychics today will answer those questions in a private readings, so why does the Psychic Bitch not?

My grandfather was a dowser. He could pick up any old stick and find water under the ground. He had a reputation amongst his family and neighbors. Now, that is all cool, but who would use a dowser to choose where to dig a well nowadays? Now we have high tech equipment that can “see” the water pockets under the earth and tell you exactly where to dig.


Da Boss

Da Boss!!!

Our Psychic Boss

From the fifties comes her glasses
they’re for checking out our asses

Glasses that are shaped like stars
so she can see, leaving the bars

Got her suit off a dead man
top that if you can

Oh, and that stupid pimp hat
She thinks it’s all that (more…)