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Articles on types of readings, how to improve the reading you get from your psychic, and what types of questions are appropriate for a psychic.

Didn't Answer My Question

The Psychic Didn’t Answer My Question!

“The psychic didn’t answer the question!” Oh, how I wish I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard that! You wrote in, you saw that your question had been picked by one of the psychic readers, you eagerly await your reply, and when you open it, you’re disappointed. You feel like the psychic didn’t answer the question, and you quickly write a rebuttal, saying as much. However, did you ever really look at this, and ask yourself why it happened? (more…)

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You're Fired

Why Your Psychic Fired You

You’ve been getting readings for awhile now. You thought you had a good relationship with your psychic. Suddenly, your reader is giving you your money back, and refusing to make any further appointments with you. If this has ever happened to you, then you can bet your bootie that there’s a good reason why your psychic fired you. (more…)

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Your Psychic Doesn't Like You

Your Psychic Reader Doesn’t Like You


You thought you got on really well with your psychic, didn’t you? You go to this person regularly for tarot card readings or astrology or whatever. She knows you, sometimes even better than you know yourself. Is it a surprise to know that your psychic reader doesn’t like you?! Well, of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Most readers get along well with their clients, but there are exceptions. Are you one of them—and if so, what can you do to change things? (more…)

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I Hate Psychic Bitch

Why You Hate Psychic Bitch

We’re happy you found us! We really are. It’s readers like you that make our site what it is! And we hope that you’re happy you found us, too! We also know that some of you aren’t, and we understand why you hate Psychic Bitch. We get where you’re coming from. We know that you’re all twitterpated about getting a free psychic reading. You submit your question, and you wait, and you wait… and it archives out. Maybe you try again, and maybe it archives out again—or maybe even worse, Batt Fastard gets hold of it and gives you a short, sharp, shock! What started out as something that made you excited and full of hope turned into a long story of frustration and hurt feelings. What went wrong—and even more important, how do you fix it so that it doesn’t happen again? (more…)

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Real or Make Believe

Are They Real or Are They Make Believe?

Are they real or are they make believe that is the question people ask about spell casters. There are tons of charlatans on the internet and in business. These fake spell casters are any age, any gender and any walk of life. The big question is how do you know if they are fake or not, that is the million dollar question but there are signs. (more…)

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