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Alexa Tarot from Amazon

Tarot Readings with Alexa

Artificial intelligence is slowly creeping into everyone’s life, and the Alexa devices from Amazon are becoming very popular. We can use Alexa to play the music we like, turn on and off household devices, read the news, give us traffic and weather reports, look up local businesses, provide us with sport scores, make calls to family and friends, add things to our shopping and to do lists, play our audio books, play music or nature sounds while we sleep, tell us stories, have a conversation, set a timer or alarm, and even act as an intercom between rooms. But, did you know that Alexa will also consult the Tarot on your behalf? You don’t even have to own an Alexa device. Just install the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and get all the benefits. So, today I thought it would be nice to go through the Alexa skills and review the different Tarot skills you can install.

Daily Tarot ReadingThe first Tarot skill I installed, and probably my most favorite is the Daily Tarot Reading by EDC. All I have to do is ask Alexa to open my Daily Tarot Reading. Sometimes I just ask her, “Alexa ask Daily Tarot to tell me my daily tarot card.” She will select a card randomly from one of the 78 different Tarot cards available. The Daily Tarot does not read reversed cards, but still 78 different cards is a pretty big library.


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Five Signs of Psychics

5 Signs that you have Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are innate to all humans. Some people’s abilities are naturally strong, such a mediums and clairvoyants, and for others it is weaker, often limited to feelings of intuition. But do you sometimes feel like you have particularly strong intuition, and that perhaps it could be something more?

There are several signs to look for that could indicate that you have strong psychic abilities that you may be able to develop further.

All people give off psychic energy, and those with strong psychic abilities can sense this energy when they meet people; some can even see this energy in the form of auras. Sometimes this energy lets you know that you are compatible with someone, giving you an immediate feeling of connection. If a person means you harm or wants to deceive you, it is possible that you will feel this negativity in their energy. If you are good at reading people when you meet them, you may be sensing their energy, a sign of strong psychic abilities. (more…)

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Tarot Major Arcana

Learning Tarot – Major Arcana V – IX

Arcana is the plural for arcanum, which means “profound secret.” So, the major arcana of the Tarot are a collection of “secrets” that explain the basics of our universe. These cards always carry more weight than the minor arcana, and some believe they describe the stages of one’s personal growth.

In my last article, I discussed the first five major arcana cards, The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, and The Emperor. These cards help us to see ourselves as a child (The Fool) and an adolescent (The Magician). Then we develop our own spiritual awareness (The High Priestess), and our need to partner with another human (The Empress and The Emperor). In this article I will cover The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, and The Hermit, and these cards symbolize some of the triumphs and tribulations of what it means to be human. (more…)

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Major Arcana 0 through IV

Learning Tarot – Major Arcana 0 – IV

The major arcana tarot cards can be thought of as the trump cards of the Tarot. They carry more weight than the minor arcana, and they describe more significant events in our future. It has been suggested that they are based on the Roman festival of Saturnalia (celebrated on December 25th) where people dressed up and rode their chariots through the city. No matter what their origins, they describe major situations, and they can be used alone in spreads without the minor arcana (which is especially helpful when first learning to read the cards). (more…)

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Court Cards

Learning Tarot – The Court Cards

Some say the Tarot is sexist, and when one looks at the court cards, it’s hard not to agree. The court cards consist of the Pages (masculine), the Knights (masculine), the Queens (feminine), and the Kings (masculine). Personally, I like to envision the Pages as children, the Queens as women, and the Kings as men. Then, I look to the meaning of the knights and interpret them as behaviors, not people. But, each of us has to learn our own meanings for the cards, so this is only one suggestion. (more…)

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