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Study My Masters

Psychic Bitch Enhanced MemberQuestion From: Slaycartoon
Submitted: Oct 21st
Thank you for the birthday wishes today. I’m not sure what my 33rd year looks like but I’d like to get a scholarship to go study my masters in Sweden. I’ve also been hoping that I’ll get to work at Twitter. Does the angel see this happen or what does the angels see for me as I turn a new year. I’m hopeful and thankful so much for all ups and downs I’ve had. I hope esp the Sweden scholarship works and I go to Sweden

Sarah BellumAnswer from Sarah Bellum:
Hiya Slaycartoon!

I’m Sarah and I’ve been doing readings for over 40 years. I have contacted your guides regarding your future and they show me that you’re ‘in the meantime,’ a time of preparation and protection, and that’s not a bad place to be. You’re gonna be able to study your masters but ya may have to widen your scope a bit. Ya might not get the position at Twitter but there is another equally rewarding one for ya out there. Ya just entered into a new cycle of energy and it’s gonna take maybe six – eight weeks for ya to settle into it. The full reading is available through my website and I hope you’ll reach out to me. Your guides show me that ya have a wonderful destiny, ya just need to open to the infinite and allow it to come to pass.

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Fix Love

A Relationship Reading

Psychic Bitch Enhanced MemberQuestion From: Lunar_Bee
Submitted: Oct 17th
Greetings. May I kindly have a relationship reading? I have recently moved in with my partner and things have rather been weird. It seems like things worked out better when we weren’t staying together. Or perhaps it’s the effects of the retrogrades? May you kindly tell me if you see this(relationship or staying together) lasting? Or if she has any regrets about the move? Any insight would be appreciated greatly.

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hi, Lunar_Bee! It’s hard to live with another person, even when you love them madly and deeply. Those little idiosyncrasies become very annoying. This is why we say relationships are hard work. And, it’s takes 2 to work on a relationship. If either of you aren’t willing, it won’t work. Spirit can see that your partner is sensing the weirdness too. And, it’s going to take a lot of honest conversations to work this out. The retrogrades are not making any major aspects to either of your charts. But, I would still recommend that you wait until mid December, after the retrogrades and the eclipses, before you make any decisions to move out or break up. Be gentle with yourself and your lover in the process.

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Fix this Relationship

We Trying Our Best To Make This Work

Psychic Bitch Premium MemberQuestion From: gaenor2
Submitted: Oct 17th
We Trying Our Best To Make This Work

GiftedSoulAnswer from GiftedSoul:
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Truth or Lies

Is He Lying To Me

Question From: lovebug1998
Submitted: Oct 17th
There’s a guy I like and we been messing around and talking for a lil min and he told me at first he didn’t have a girlfriend Then it went too we together but I can’t say that I’m with her.. I been only with you witch I believe is a lie because he posted her then said it just a picture.. I want to know what going on and is he lying to me.. because that how I feel and I don’t feel like he gonna leave her. So I just want to know what is up.. he got me f up

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hi, lovebug1998! A lot of cheaters lie about their other relationships. I had a client who went through about 4 or 5 men in a row who were married and lying to her. But, she didn’t give up. And she is very happy with her present partner of almost 10 years. Spirit says, he’s keeping all kinds of secrets from you. And, you really should dump that chump. You can’t base a relationship on lies… it won’t last.

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I’m Attracted To A Coworker

Question From: ferilivan8
Submitted: Oct 17th
Hi, I’m attracted to and beginning to have feelings for a friend and co worker, I’d like to know if I should take this a step further and tell her how I feel or just let it stay this way as friends? As I get easily hurt and it might affect my focus. I’m including her details so as to know if we’re compatible and if our relationship would progress or not. Thank you

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hey, ferilivan8! You have a job??? That’s good news! It’s not a good idea to date people you work with. If something goes wrong with the relationship, it will make going to work very miserable. Spirit suggests you keep her as a friend. Then, when you get that better job offer, you can ask her for a date! Hope this helps! Live! Love! Bark! (more…)

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