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Use Magic to Repair Your Relationship

Fix Your Relationship with Magic

So your relationship is not the dream come true that you thought it would be. You can see what’s wrong, but you can’t figure out how to make it right. You’ve asked numerous people, maybe even had some Psychic Bitch readings, but unless you have acted on that advice, nothing is going to change—and because there is another person involved, then their free will comes into play, too. Any relationship is a two way street. However, if both of you are willing to work on things, it is entirely possible—and not difficult—to fix your relationship with magic. (more…)

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Better Life Through Magic

Better Living through Magic

So, here you are again. Things didn’t work out as you hoped, or maybe even as you needed. You’re back to square one, with all the feelings of failure and despondency, all the bad habits resurfacing and the negative mindset imploding. Would you like to stop this cycle, once and for all? Using magic daily can help you live a better life. (more…)

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Do This to Turn Your Life Around – Saturn Retrograde

Are you feeling stuck, like whatever you try just isn’t working, that you’re taking one step forward and two steps back? Don’t blame yourself. Blame Saturn!

The old Lord of Karma turned retrograde on the 5th of May, 2020 and he’s going to stay that way until the end of September. It’s not all doom and gloom though. People get twitchy when Saturn takes center stage, but there’s no reason to do so. There are good aspects to this alignment, and spells you can do to work with, rather than against, Saturn’s stern energy. (more…)

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Protection From Curses

Protect Yourself from Curses and Psychic Attack

In all the decades I’ve been doing readings, “Am I cursed,” is probably one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. It’s right up there with “Does he / she love me,” and “Will I win the lottery!” Curses aren’t as real as Hollywood and pop culture might lead us to think they are. However, if you’ve got concerns that someone has it in for you, then read on, for this article will reveal to you several simple ways that you can protect yourself from curses and psychic attack. (more…)

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