Tippecanoe Curse

Presidents Elected in Zero Years Die

There has been a native American curse on every president elected in a year ending in zero since 1840. And, up until recent times, every president elected in a zero year died while in office. This curse is called the “Curse of Tippecanoe” or “Tecumseh’s Curse.” Is it really a curse? Is it coincidence? How could this be? Furthermore will our next president die while in office?

The Battle of Tippecanoe

Native Americans

It all began with the battle between William Henry Harrison and a group of Shawnee Indians who were resettled from Ohio to an area in north central Indiana. These native Americans were moved to an area called Tippecanoe in 1808. The battle was called the battle of Tippecanoe and it happened in 1811


Tippecanoe was a native American stronghold near the confluence of the Wabash and Tippecanoe rivers, just north of the present city of Lafayette. The native American town where the battle ensued was known as Prophetstown. This town was led by two native American men, Tecumseh and his half-brother Tenskwatawa. Tenskwatawa was also known as “the Prophet”.

William Henry Harrison
William Henry Harrison

Harrison was the governor of the Indiana territory at that time. He told the Shawnee that he wanted to negotiate peace. But, he actually had no intention of doing that. Instead he launched the battle of Tippecanoe on the unsuspecting natives. And he slaughtered the native Americans of Prophetstown. He not only burned their town, he burned all the food they had stored for the Winter. He even dug up the corpses from their burial ground and decimated them.

Tecumseh went on to fight in the war of 1812 and died in 1813. But, his half-brother, Tenskwatawa, went into hiding and lived for another two decades.

Harrison returned to the scene of the Prophetstown slaughter, to launch his campaign for president. The campaign was called the “Log Cabin Campaign” because the natives had lived in log cabins. After learning of Harrison’s run for the presidency, Tenskwatawa placed a curse on Harrison. He swore that Harrison would die after taking office. And every “great chief” chosen every twenty years thereafter will die to remember the death of his people.

Even though he won the election, Harrison caught pneumonia just after his inaugural address, on March 4, 1840 and died one month later.

Presidents Elected on Zero Years Who Died

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the next president to be elected in a zero year, 1860. And, as most of us know, he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth during the first year of his second term in 1865.

James Garfield
James Garfield

James A. Garfield was elected president in 1880. He was then shot in the back, in July 1881, in a waiting room at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington D.C. He died from his wounds in September. He was then succeeded by his Vice President, Chester A. Arthur.

William McKinley
William McKinley

William McKinley was elected president in 1896. And he won a second term in 1900. He was shot in September 1901, after giving a speech at an exposition in Buffalo, New York. He was shaking hands with some people from the audience when he was assassinated. He died a little more than a week later. His succeeding Vice President was Theodore Roosevelt.

Warren G. Harding
Warren G. Harding

Next came Warren G. Harding, who was elected in 1920. He served as president from 1921 through 1923. Officially it was believed that he died of a stroke, but later historians determined it was a heart attack. But, it was rumored that his wife had poisoned him, because she refused to allow an autopsy. But that rumor was quickly debunked. Calvin Coolidge finished Harding’s term and then served another term as president.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was first elected president in 1932. He was then reelected in 1936, 1940, and 1944. It was believed that he had contracted polio in 1921, which eventually left him paralyzed from the waist down. Franklin’s doctors stated that it was the polio that killed him. But, it is now believed that his symptoms were born consistent with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy

Many of us remember John F. Kennedy. He was elected in 1960 as the youngest president to ever serve. He was then assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

Ronald Regan
Ronald Regan

In 1980 Ronald Regan was elected president. Even though he was alive when he ended his term, he had a very close call on March 30th, 1981. This all happened after a speaking engagement at the Washington Hilton Hotel. A man named John Hinckley Jr. opened fire as the president walked to his limousine around 2:30 p.m. President Regan was shot in the chest and spent several weeks in the hospital recovering.

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

Many of you are now saying, George W. Bush was elected president in 2000, and he is still alive. Yes, that’s true, but there was an assassination attempt in February 2001 and another in 2006.

An ex-IRS employee, Robert Pickett, with a history of mental illness, fired several shots at the White House, while President Bush was exercising in the residential area. A Secret Service agent shot Pickett in the knee, before he was able to do any harm to President Bush.

There was a second attempt on President Bush’s life in 2006. He was at a rally with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in Tbilisi, Georgia. A Georgian national threw a grenade at the presidents. However, the explosive didn’t detonate.

Astrology and The Death of Presidents Elected in Zero Years

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

According to an astrologer, Mark Dodich, these presidential deaths are not a result of curses by long dead native Americans. But, they are actually a coincidence with an astrological phenomena, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun. And Saturn requires about 28 ½ years to make its orbit. So, these two come to a conjunction approximately once every twenty years.

Dodich said that the curse didn’t affect Ronald Regan because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was in Aquarius (an air sign) and all the previous Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions back to Harrison were in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

But, I don’t agree, because George W. Bush was elected while the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was in Taurus, an earth sign. And, George W. Bush didn’t come nearly as close to death as Ronald Reagan did.

I went back and tracked the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions from 1840 through 2159 (table at the bottom of this article). The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was 2 years after the 1840 election. The next conjunction was 1 year after the 1860 election. And the next conjunction was 5 months after the election in 1880. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction got closer and closer to the actual election in subsequent years. In 2040 the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be very close to election day. But, then it will come earlier and earlier before the election.

Is it a Curse or Is It the Stars?

Curse of Tippecanoe

The only planet that will regularly align with our election dates is the Sun. All of the other planets are moving at a different rate than our calendars. The outer planets are moving very slowly. And it could seem that they are moving in sync with our calendars. But they will eventually lose that synchronization.

It’s my feeling that we as human beings are much more powerful that most of us realize. And, I wonder if our native American ancestors had a stronger grasp on their abilities to shape their environments. Will our next president die while in office? Only time can tell.


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Author’s Note:

At this time (October 2020) Jupiter and Saturn are getting closer to one another. And it’s easy to see them in the southern sky (at 40 degrees north latitude) on a clear night. I get goosebumps every time I look at them.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, just check the search engines. There are lots and lots of sites dedicated to viewing the planets and the constellations. Some even let you input your zip code and show you what it will look like from your perspective.

Author’s Second Note:

I happen to live in Lafayette, Indiana, Tippecanoe County. I have been to the battlefield memorial many, many times throughout my life. I’ve even gone hiking up to Prophet’s Rock, where Harrison overlooked the battle. There is a huge memorial to the soldiers who fought in the massacre. But, there was little said about the native Americans who lost their lives.

Only recently have our elected officials begun to set aside land dedicated to memorialize Prophet’s Town. When I was younger the whole area of Prophet’s Town was farmland. It’s good to see that this generation is taking time to recognize what was lost.

Election Dates vs Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Tables

Election 1840 from Oct 30 – Dec 2
Inauguration of William Henry Harrison on April 6, 1841
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) January 26, 1842

Election 1860 on November 6th
Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Virgo) October 21, 1861

Election on November 2, 1880
Inauguration of James A. Garfield on March 4, 1881
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Taurus) April 18, 1881

Election November 6, 1900
Second Inauguration of William McKinley March 4, 1901
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) November 28, 1901

Election November 2, 1920
Inauguration of Warren G. Harding March 4, 1921
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Virgo) September 10, 1921

Election November 5, 1940
Third Inauguration of Franklin D Roosevelt on January 20, 1941
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Taurus) August 8, 1940
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Taurus) October 20, 1940
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Taurus) February 15, 1941

Election November 8, 1960
Inauguration of John F. Kennedy on January 20, 1961
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) February 19, 1961

Election November 4, 1980
Inauguration of Ronald Reagan on January 20, 1981
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Libra) Dec 31, 1980
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Libra) March 4, 1981
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Libra) July 24, 1981

Election November 7, 2000
Inauguration of George W. Bush on January 20, 2001
Jupiter conjunct Saturn (Taurus) square Uranus May 28, 2000

Election November 3, 2020
Inauguration Day – January 20, 2021
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) December 21, 2020

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Libra) on October 31, 2040
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Gemini) on April 8, 2060
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Aquarius) March 15, 2080
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Libra) September 19, 2100
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Gemini) July 16, 2119
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Aquarius) January 14, 2140
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (Scorpio) December 20, 2159






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