Full Moon Spell

Full Moon Spell

Full Moons are powerful times for doing magic spells because the pull of the Moon’s energy is the strongest. This full Moon is the perfect time to put your intentions out to the universe. Whether you want love, money, happiness, or something else, this spell will help to bring it your way!

You’re going to need a length of red ribbon, a pen and paper, and a silver colored ring—solid silver is best if you have one. Perform this spell on a night when the Moon is full; a farmer’s almanac or your favorite astrologer can tell you when this is. This spell works best when the Moon is in a water sign—Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Doing it when Venus or Mars are retrograde might slow things down a bit, but it will still work. Again, for the best timing, chat with your astrologer. They have studied the movements of the planets and can advise you how to get the most out of your endeavors.

Anyway, back to the spell. At Moonrise on the night when the Moon is full, write what you want on the piece of paper. Make it realistic; don’t put something like, “I want to make Johnny love me.” A more suitable intent would be, “I will make myself loveable.’ If you’re seeking money, write “A new way to generate income will come my way,” rather than “I want to win the Powerball.” If you’re looking for work, write, “I will find a suitable position,” rather than “I want to take Johnny’s job from him.” See how it works? By focusing on your own capabilities you will draw what is best toward you—even though it may not be what you think you want at the time!

Paper Pen and a Ribbon

When you have written your intent on the paper, close your eyes and center yourself. The full Moon brings with it a lot of energy, and you want to tap into this, but you need to quieten your spirit in order to do that. Take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the soothing energy enter with every inhale, and breathe out the stress and cares of the day as you exhale.

Now take the red ribbon, and tie a knot toward one end of it. As you do, say these words:

“By knot of one, the spell’s begun.”

Tie the next knot, and say;

“By know of two it’s coming true.”

With the third knot say;

“By knot of three so mote it be.”

Keep tying knots, saying the following, one line at a time, as you tie each consecutive knot.

“By knot of four I’m at the door.

By knot of five the spell’s alive.

By knot of six the spell is fixed.

By knot of seven the spell is woven.

By knot of eight, no longer wait.

By knot of nine, the spell is mine.”

When you have finished the nine knots, pick up the silver ring and put the tied cored through it. Do not tie the ring onto the cord; you only want the nine knots. Now place the cord with the ring on it under your pillow. Fold the piece of paper with your intention written on it three times, and put it under your pillow, too.

The next morning, place the ring on your finger or wear it on a chain around your neck. It needs to be where you can see it, to remind you that the magic has been done and you will be successful in your endeavors if you were reasonable about your requests. Take the ribbon with the knots and the folded piece of paper and dispose of them off your property. I like to burn my accoutrements, but do whatever suits you. You might want to put them sealed in an envelope and take them to a public waste receptacle. I just think burning them is more respectful, and a good way for the smoke to take my intentions where they need to go.

That’s it! You’ve done the spell, you’re wearing the ring, you’ve disposed of the ribbon and the paper, the only thing left is to let the magic do its work. Oh, and there’s one more thing you’ll need—patience!


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