Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 — High on Love

We have another Mercury retrograde beginning in February. And, this time Mercury will begin his retrograde in the imaginative sign of Pisces. According to the renowned astrologer, Bob Marks, “Any planet in Pisces will function as if it were on drugs.” And with Mercury coming to his retrograde station only two days after Valentine’s Day, we can expect that reality will get tossed out the window.

Mercury’s retrograde storm (the point where Mercury is moving less than 1/3° per day) will begin on February 13th — one day before Valentine’s Day. Therefore, many of us will be jumping to unrealistic conclusions on this holiday of love. A countless number of people will see what they want to see, not what’s really there. If you’re thinking of going out “clubbing” with your friends on Valentine’s Day, use extra caution. A one-night affair could turn into an absolute nightmare.

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When Will Mercury and Venus be in Retrograde? Check Sparrow Moon’s Astrology Events for planetary data.

Some people will become obsessed about someone they think they love. And, it’s likely that there will be more stalkers running around than usual in February. If you have an ex who hasn’t truly accepted the breakup, it would be a good idea to beef-up your internet security. You may also want to make sure that your car and your home are locked-up tightly too. Obsessed exes can often be more dangerous than we imagine. So, don’t be afraid to contact the authorities, if your ex is behaving abnormally.

If you’re one of those people hoping to find new love for Valentine’s Day, forget it! New relationships will definitely appear much better than they actually are. So, don’t let love-at-first-sight capture your sanity. Love-at-first-sight is possible, but it is highly doubtful this month, unless you were born with your natal Mercury in retrograde in Pisces — and even then delusions are still possible.

Many of us are already in committed relationships. And some (mostly females) will expect flirtation, romance, and extra amore from our partners on this day of love. Throw those expectations out the window now. That way, if your partner shows-up with flowers or a box of candy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And, if they don’t do anything to celebrate this special day, then do something special for yourself. Buy a bouquet of flowers and a box of candy for yourself. You may even want to include a bottle of spirits to drown your disappointment. Actually the spirits may not be a good idea. Sometimes alcohol has a tendency to induce arguments. Arguments, misunderstandings, and jumping to conclusions are common ailments two days before any Mercury retrograde station.

If you are one of us single people with no one to love you, except your friends (and your cats), there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy. Mercury in Pisces is loaded with rainbows and unicorns. A good romance novel or movies could be an excellent way to celebrate the holiday. Just remember they’re fiction. And, most of those romantic stories will never manifest in real life. You could benefit from that bottle of spirits more than the person with a partner.

There is one good possibility that could come from this Mercury retrograde in Pisces, if you look at it rationally. If you have recently gone through a break-up and are hoping to reunite with your ex, Mercury retrograde could actually make that happen. Many of my clients tell me that exes come out of the woodwork when Mercury is in retrograde. And, we have an article about using spellwork to reunite with an ex during Mercury retrograde. Pisces is the witch-doctor of the zodiac. So, a spell to reunite with an ex during a Mercury retrograde in Pisces could be extremely powerful.

Mercury will be in retrograde from February 16th through March 9th. And, his retrograde will be in the sign of Pisces through March 4th. But, Mercury won’t completely exit his retrograde storm until March 19th. So be sure to practice the dos and don’ts of Mercury retrograde throughout this time.

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