Post Christmas Blues

Coping with the Post-Christmas Blues

The presents are unwrapped, the tree is looking tired—or just maybe you’re one of the many people who don’t bother with a tree, who have no one to give a gift to. Retailers make a big deal out of this time of year, overlooking the fact that not everyone celebrates the ‘season of giving’ in the same way. Whether you’re glad it’s over or sad it’s ended, January with its cold nights and seemingly endless stretch to spring is looming. If you struggle when it comes to coping with the post-Christmas blues, then read on!


Take the lead. You’ll stagnate if you wait around for something to happen, so make it happen—sooner, rather than later. You’ll be happiest when you’re busy and in control of your decisions and activities.

Aim higher. Let this be the year that you work hard toward achieving some of those important long-term goals. You’ll get lethargic if you don’t have a plan. The key to your success is in focusing your stubbornness on what you truly want to achieve.


Learn something new. You get bored easily and when you do you have a tendency to become quite unpleasant to be around. Channel your energy into a new pursuit, mastering a new skill or exploring a new interest. You’ll find your groove when you’re gathering and then sharing that knowledge.


Care for someone or something—even if it’s yourself. You need to feel needed. Pamper a loved one, or coddle your inner child. Create a space around you that makes you feel comforted and at peace. You’ll find fulfillment in letting your loved ones know how you feel.


Be your authentic self. Make this the year when you aim for the recognition your spirit requires. Express yourself more, for you thrive in giving your time, your assets, and your energy. You’ll find joy in sharing who you are and what you have with others.


Find ways to improve. Virgos are always looking for ways to make things better. Make that list, then start working through it in an orderly and timely fashion. You’ll find coping with the post-Christmas blues easier the more organized you are.


Reach out to someone. You don’t like being on your own, so don’t! There are plenty of places you can go to mingle with others. Find something that helps to bring balance and harmony or create something appealing. That way you will meet more than one of your spirit’s needs.


Delve deeper into your psyche. This is the perfect time to read that book, or have that deep and meaningful conversation that has been waiting to unfold. You’ll find your fulfillment by unlocking more depth, more purpose, and for letting go of baggage from the past.


Explore something new. You are happiest when you’re planning what next, so let this be the period when you determine what it is you’re going to do. Travel, even if just by surfing the net, and learn about new cultures and ideas.


Make plans for what you intend to achieve. You like to be organized, practical, and purposeful. Apply that toward creating the life you want to live. This is your time of year, a time when you will enter into a new cycle of energy. Tap into that newness and ride it forward.


Be spontaneous. You’ve never been one to go with the flow, so why start now?! Investigate the unusual, you’ll come up with something that is completely unique and intriguing—and not just for yourself, but it will fascinate those around you, too!


Indulge your idealism. It’s easy for you to get down at this time of year for you dream of a perfect world yet the world is far from flawless. Counteract this by volunteering your skills or your time to others.

Coping with the post-Christmas blues may not always be fun, but if you follow these hints according to your Sun sign (or the dominant sign in your natal chart) you will find that you easily surf the winter months through to the warmth of the spring. Not sure what sign is dominant in your chart? That’s where your favorite astrologer can help, by analyzing your birth chart for you and helping you to understand just how to make the most of your talents and abilities, as well as understanding where your struggles might be. It all blends together to make you who you are, and your uniqueness is your superpower. Put it to good use in the new year!

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