Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2019 - 2020

Saturn – The Judge – Destroys Reputations


Looking back on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, it’s easy to see that this aspect hit us a lot closer than just our politics. But, predicting a pandemic is something astrology cannot do. It’s pretty obvious that COVID-19 was a manifestation of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. COVID-19 actually began in November and December 2019 as Saturn and Pluto were approaching their joining. Then in early January, just as the conjunction hit it’s peak, the Chinese discovered the source of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

Even though Saturn is moving away from Pluto now, they will both turn retrograde and approach one another again. Pluto will turn retrograde on April 25th. And, Saturn’s retrograde will begin on May 11th. It’s possible that COVID-19 will go dormant during the retrogrades. Also, other pandemic viruses have been known to get lighter in the warmer months. But, I do expect the virus will return in the fall (like the Spanish flu did) after Pluto and Saturn turn direct again.

Pluto will return to the actual point of the conjunction on August 30th. And Saturn will hit his closest point to Pluto when he turns direct on September 29th. So, it’s possible that the coronavirus will begin to rekindle around that time. Pluto will turn direct on October 4th. And, we could see another Winter of lockdowns and social distancing.

I heard Trevor Noah say that the virus came from exotic animals ingested by humans. And, he pointed out that this could be the repercussions of our idiot belief that we can eat any animal we want. Saturn and Pluto are telling us that we need to stop and think about what we’re eating, and what we’re doing to this planet.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2019 – 2020

Once about every thirty-four years Saturn and Pluto come together. Saturn represents authority figures and Pluto is the destroyer of the zodiac. This conjunction could cause political foundations to be dissolved and new ones to be built on top of the rubble. And, it’s very likely to affect our governments. But, it could also affect us personally too. The best thing we can do is build a “virtual bomb shelter”, by being prepared. Saturn respects hard work and honest behavior. So, be sure to get your house in order now, physically, financially, and emotionally.

A Look Back in History

Fall 1982 and Spring and Summer 1983 in the Sign of Libra

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President in 1981, and he began his tax cuts for the corporations and the wealthy. His “war on drugs” began in October 1982. And, it wasn’t long after that America started building more prisons. At the same time under his watch, the CIA started funding drug cartels flooding much of the US with cocaine. They then used the money to fund the Contras (which had been prohibited by the US congress) to overthrow the Sandinista liberation movement in Nicaragua. There was an investigation in the congress that lead to the conviction of some of his staff and tarnished his image.

Libra loves money and luxury. So, a money scandal with high dollar drugs is right up Libra’s alley. The two planets between Saturn and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, were both in the sign of Sagittarius, the wanderer, at that time. This could have helped to encourage the US to expand its domination of third world countries.

1947 in the Sign of Leo

Cold War
WWII had ended in 1945, and the Truman Doctrine was issued on March 29, 1947. The Truman Doctrine marked the beginning of the cold war. This brought about the shift of American policy toward the Soviet Union from an anti-fascist ally to a communist enemy. The cold war didn’t truly end until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Leo is a lover more than a fighter — thus a cold war. Also the outer planet companion Neptune was transiting Libra, the diplomat. And Uranus, the other planet between Saturn and Pluto, was in the non-confrontational sign of Gemini.

1914 and 1915 in Cancer

The acts that lead up to World War I began on June 28th, 1914 with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. At that time Saturn and Pluto were only 6 degrees apart and closing. Technically the Pluto-Saturn conjunction began in early August 1914 when they were less than 2 degrees apart. But, the tension building between those two planets was obviously felt all Summer long. World War I became official on August 1st when Germany declared war on Russia. Pluto and Saturn hit the peak of their conjunction on October 5th, 1914.

They hit a second peak on November 1st after Saturn turned retrograde. Saturn then returned again to conjunct Pluto in late April 1915, as the war continued to escalate. They held that conjunction through early June.

Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Cancer this time. Even though Cancer is known as the mother and the nurturer of the zodiac, she will fight tooth and nail if her children are threatened.

Uranus was traveling through his home sign of Aquarius during WWI, and he probably had a lot to do with some of the ingenious inventions of the time including the use of airplanes and tanks. Marie Curie actually helped the French to equip vans with x-ray machines to allow the doctors to see the bullets in the wounded soldiers.

Neptune, the minister of the zodiac, was sitting on the cusp between Cancer and Leo throughout the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. And, planets on the cusps of any sign create heroes. So, Neptune encouraged the “worship” of those who were sacrificed for the war. This included the almost 90% of soldiers from Austria-Hungary who were either injured or killed.

Upcoming Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Mountain Goats

Pluto Turned Direct on October 3rd

Saturn and Pluto will be within two degrees of one another beginning on December 21st. Technically in astrology, we don’t call transiting planets conjunct unless they’re two degrees apart. But, I started noticing many incidents indicative of a Saturn-Pluto joining after Pluto’s retrograde ended on October 3rd. Saturn actually turned direct on September 18th, which sparked the flame, then Pluto later added the fuel.

September 18th through October 27th

Saturn and Pluto will come to their conjunction this time in Capricorn, the home sign of Saturn. The symbol for Capricorn is the goat. And, if anyone has had a mean, old billy goat chase them, they’ll understand just how territorial a Capricorn can be. Goats can also climb very steep mountains, one step at at time. And, this represents the relentlessness determination a Capricorn can have. Capricorn rules authority figures, anywhere from school teachers, to police officers, to court judges, to politicians. So, it’s quite possible that some authoritarian behavior could also sprout from this alignment.

Uranus has recently entered Taurus. Taurus doesn’t like doing anything in a hurry. And, Taurus is a fixed sign so she really hates change. Having Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes, in a sign that is slow to get started, but difficult to stop, can create tremendous energy. Things may have a tendency to snowball before this aspect ends.

Neptune, the artist and great humanitarian, is presently traveling through his home sign of Pisces. Pisces lives in the subconscious and seeks to submerge the ego through service. Neptune is the idealist and the romantic. Neptune could be our saving grace in this whole situation. Neptune may help us to rise above the pettiness and the jealousy. But, it’s also very possible that Neptune in Pisces will only affect our dreams and not our reality.

Saturn recognizes the injustices, and Pluto incites the violence. And, this is only October, people. The actual conjunction doesn’t happen until January 12th. I will try to keep this article up to date with current events. But, I may decide to write more articles instead to cover the upheaval in smaller bites.

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  • Wow learning alot this morning on your site…Truth as I am a Pisces…it tickled me pink inside as your brief description of us is a fact. I would rather move away or completely disconnect from pettiness and jealousy in a heartbeat. I prefer to leave it be and move on into more real and loving situations that are likewise to my energy. I rather make peace in otherwise uncomfortable situations. I’m prone to doing this for others around me as well as myself. Love the info provided on the eclipses as well. Your site is easy to understand and process. Keep up the great informative blogs…glad i created an account. Many blessings to you Boss

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