Da Boss is Now Answering All Questions

Traffic has just gotten slower and slower on this site over the last few years. It has nothing to do with our quality. There’s only one search engine now, Google. And, they want me to play games that I don’t have time to play. Google says I should post an article of 1000 words or more at least once a week. And, I need to find other sites that will allow me to guest blog. I’m not the worlds faster writer. Trying to write a 1000 word article every week would really cut down on the time I have to answer questions. And, psychics are very competitive. I’ve not found a psychic site yet that will allow me to guest blog, even for free. I went through this years ago with Google, but back then we also had Yahoo! and Bing. So, it wasn’t such a big let down.

Da Boss

Because we have so little traffic, the psychics have basically stopped answering questions. In the past 12 months, I’ve answered over 75% of the questions. So, I decided I really didn’t need guest psychics anymore. (Personally, I think I do better readings than most of them, anyway.) And, I really do love doing free psychic readings. I wish I could earn enough that I wouldn’t have to change anyone for a reading. But, without the traffic coming to the site, I don’t earn enough advertising commissions.

If I had a brick and mortar store where I did psychic readings, I wouldn’t be expected to offer my services to other businesses in order to get customers. And, I wouldn’t be expected to write large articles more than once a week. Maybe in a few years, Google will learn to treat webmasters like business people and stop requiring all these hurtles to jump. Maybe some new search engines will arise and give Google a run for their money. A search engine that treated us like businesses rather than celebrities could be much more successful in the long run for us webmasters and you, the visitors.

Yada, yada, yada! I love all of you, my visitors. And, I’m going to be here for you no matter what the search engines say.

So, do me a favor and tell your friends about Psychic Bitch! Thanks!

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