Astrology and Love

Astrology and Love

Got an attraction for someone, but not sure how to approach them? All you need to know is their horoscope sign, and we can show you just what to do to get them to notice you. This article will be discussing the Sun signs, Moon signs, and also their Venus signs. The Sun rules our characters. The Moon governs emotions. And, Venus is the goddess of love and sensuality. We also look at the sexes and the signs, because men and women under the same sign can be very different.


AriesAries is the first sign of the zodiac and they love starting things. It’s not that difficult to get an Aries to warm up to the idea of a relationship with you. One of the easiest things you can do is compliment them (because they know they deserve it). Conversation is important to an Aries, and you need to keep it on the intellectual side. Remind them just how intelligent they are. And, if you really want to make them feel smart, ask them for advice. That is their most favorite thing to give.

If you happen to know that their Moon is in Aries, then let them have control of the situation. If you’re at a bar, pick the same thing they’re drinking. If you’re on a date, let them pick the restaurant, movie, etc.

If their Venus is located in Aries, get ready for love at first sight. Because Aries loves being first. Those with Venus in Aries can also be flirtatious and restless when it comes to love.

The Aries female always gets what she wants. She also refuses any man to be her lord and master. So, if you have a hankering for an Aries woman, give her the illusion of control.

Life can be exciting with an Aries man, but he’s not always one to stick around. An affair with an Aries man can feel very short, but sweet. And, don’t expect closure from an Aries man. They don’t like long good-byes.


TaurusOf the twelve signs of the zodiac, Taurus is without a doubt, the most faithful. If you want a partner that will stand by you forever, consider a Taurus. But, you can never rush a Taurus. They prefer to let a relationship grow very slowly. And, ladies, quite often if you’re interested in a Taurus, you’ll have to make the first move. Taurus rules money and possessions. If you want to keep a conversation going with a Taurus, ask them about their stuff. There’s a very good chance that they are a collector.

Those will their Moons in Taurus love romance, so don’t be afraid to get creative. The Taurus Moon can be extremely faithful, but they are slow to actually commit. Be patient.

If you are interested in a person with their Venus in Taurus, make sure it’s been a long time since their last serious relationship. Venus in Taurus can make it difficult to get over a breakup. Give them time to completely recover, before you ask for their love.

The Taurean female cannot stand a casual relationship. She gives it her all, and she needs all in return. So, gentlemen, don’t even try a one night stand with a Taurus woman. She will make your life hell, if you try.

Male Tauruses want sensible love… none of that mushy stuff. Also a male Taurus is looking for a long-term relationship. So, don’t play with their hearts.


GeminiGeminis are air signs. They think at a higher level than most of us. So, if you are interested in a Gemini, impress them with an intelligent conversation. Geminis expect honesty and they expect trust. So, if you have trust issues, don’t bother with a Gemini. Because they will dump you in a hurry. Most Geminis also have issues with confrontations, and many will run from any kind of confrontation. Donald Trump is a Gemini, and even though he doesn’t run from a confrontation (because his Mars is in Leo), he does react quickly to it. Don’t challenge a Gemini, if you want to be their friend.

People with their natal Moons in Gemini need constant stimulation. Some could say that a relationship with a Gemini Moon is high maintenance. A solitary lifestyle will drive them absolutely mad. If you want to keep a Gemini Moon in your life, you have to love staying busy.

Those with Venus in Gemini only love intelligent people. They also find intense emotional commitments a real drag. Keep your love light with a Gemini Venus, and you will get the commitment you desire.

The Gemini female needs security and stimulation. But, she can also totally enchant her lovers. A relationship with a Gemini woman can go up and down like a yo-yo, but there are always two sides to a Gemini.

Gemini men are intelligent, attractive, and non-threatening. He can bed a woman quickly and have her wondering just how she ended up there. That sweet, gentle man is also very passionate.


CancerCancers are water signs, and all water signs are known to be emotional. Cancers have this “hard shell” that they use to keep people from getting to close. They can be very shy. But, if you want to pull them out of their shells, complement them. A few well placed compliments can have them warming up to you very quickly. Cancers like to take relationships slowly. But, don’t go too slow. The longer the relationship goes without commitment, the less likely Cancer will stay for the long haul.

Those with their natal Moon in Cancer are devoted, patient, and sensitive. Many with Cancer Moons have strong psychic abilities. But, they also have a tendency to hide their true feelings, like the dark side of the Moon.

Love is the most important thing in their lives, if their Venus is in Cancer. But, they also have a tendency to conceal their feelings of love, especially when they’re young. They’re afraid they’ll be hurt if they profess their love.

The Cancer female is often admired by many men. She carries the archetype of the damsel in distress. She is shy, sweet, and also sensual. Her flirtations are always subtle, so pay attention. If she doesn’t get a response to her flirtation, she’s not likely to do it again. It is doubtful that she will come forward to express her feelings. Those who are lucky enough to win a Cancer female will always have plenty of home cooked meals.

The Cancer male is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. He can make a simple picnic turn into a passionate affair. They love to wine and dine their dates. The funny thing, though, about a Cancer male is that wants what he can’t have. To keep an Cancer man’s interest, you must bob that carrot in front of him. Remind him that he may have you today, but there’s always the possibility that you could be gone tomorrow. He needs that challenge, or he’ll lose interest. When he calls, act surprised. Tell him you’d almost forgotten about him. He needs to believe that you’re unattainable, and then he’ll keep pursuing you.


LeoLeo’s need constant attention and admiration. They are ruled by the Sun, and they need people to orbit around them. Leo is a fixed sign, so never try to change a Leo. Ultimatums will not work. Ladies interested in a Leo male, keep your makeup light. They prefer the natural look. Fellows wanting to get closer to a Leo woman, keep your cash fluid. Leos love the finer things in life. When buying a gift for a Leo, always buy the best quality possible. They can stand cheap knockoffs. Leos also love entertainment. So, tell them jokes or sing or dance for them (if you can). And be sure to make time for the theater, concerts, and other types of quality entertainment.

Those born under the Leo Moon are in constant need of an audience. Take time to praise them, and they’ll do almost anything you want. Leo Moons (and often Leo Suns too) have big hearts and are usually quick to forgive. You can go to them and say, “I’m sorry I burned down your house, stole all your money, and slept with your partner.” And, if you are truly repentant, they will forgive you.

People with Venus in Leo have a likable and magnetic appeal — a kind of charisma. They also make very good supervisors at work. They give good guidance, and they are willing to help you. But, they also demand loyalty and attention.

If you are interested in a Leo female, ignore her shortcomings and dwell on her virtues. Tell her regularly that the things she does are a work of art. And, never criticize her inability to keep the floors clean (for example). There’s no tough shell around a Leo woman’s heart. And, she falls in love easily. So, don’t play with a Leo woman’s affections, or she will show you the fiery side of her personality.

Leo males are also quick to fall in love. If you’re not ready for a serious relationship, keep that Leo male at arms length. Leo men can be very passionate. They have that sparkle in their eyes when they look at the one they love. But, after time the relationship becomes more mundane, and he can get rather lazy about keeping up with the romance.


VirgoThose with Virgo Suns admire intelligence. Like Gemini, they are ruled by Mercury. But, where Gemini says, “I think”, Virgo says, “I analyze”. So, if you want to impress a Virgo, keep the conversations smart. Virgos are very health oriented. So, get ready for vegan food and lots of exercise. An odd thing about many Virgos is that they hate spur-of-the-moment activities. They want to plan their events. So, no surprise parties. They can also be overly critical at times. So, if you happen to be one of those kind of people who doesn’t get riled up easily, then Virgo could be the one for you.

Many with Virgo Moons need security. They will sacrifice love for security. So, if you’re living on a government check and collect cans to make a little extra money, its not likely you will be able to impress someone with a Virgo Moon.

If the person you’re attracted to has their Venus in Virgo, watch out! This person is usually very cautious about love. And, they can be rather critical of their partners. Eleanor Roosevelt is the kind of person you would think of when describing a Venus in Virgo person. They make great humanitarians, but not really great partners.

Virgo is the sign of the virgin, and Virgo females can demonstrate this with their faithful quality. The Virgo woman can be reluctant to show her emotions. But, once you get her to open up, you will find a volcano inside of her. Some Virgo women have trust issues. It’s very important not to break a Virgo woman’s trust, because it’s almost impossible to rebuild.

The Virgo male can be much different than the female. He an extremest — the virgin or the slut, but nothing in between. Some of them are very virile and have this need to conquer women. The others can be very calm, cute, and even extra happy. They are the faithful, analytical side of the Virgo male.


LibraAll Libras, male and female, have trouble making decisions without a partner. They need that partner to reflect their ideas back to them, therefore keeping them in balance. They also do very well with business partners. Libras are born under the sign of Venus, and Venus rules love and money. So, Libra wants only the finer things in life. Also dress smart to impress a Libra. And, ask them about themselves. There’s nothing more Libras love to talk about than themselves.

Those with their Moon in Libra, appreciate experiences that make life more beautiful and pleasant. On a date, take them to beautiful places like, a beautiful beach, or an enchanting forest, or a fancy restaurant.

Those with their Venus in Libra fall in love easily, and they need lots of romance to maintain the relationship.

Like a Leo, the Libra female needs to be admired. She needs a lover who will provide her with the finer things in life. Often Libra women will marry older men, because he can give her almost everything she wants.

The Libra male are usually cute, and women often find him attractive. He’s a fantastic lover, very sensual. And, he loves flattery. Some Libra males, especially when they’re young find it difficult to remain faithful.


ScorpioIt’s been said many times that Scorpios carry a grudge. But, they often will also sting themselves. If they’re angry enough, they will wreck their life, if it also hurts the person they’re angry with. So, be very careful not to hurt them. You’ve got to treat them fairly. Also, don’t lie to a Scorpio. They can always through it, even if you’re lying just to be complimentary. It’s important to respect their opinion, even if you don’t agree.

The Scorpio Moon generates intense feelings. And, they have enormous willpower. If they choose to, they can completely turn their lives around. They’re also very shrewd. They can spot the good deals. They’re good at gambling and investing.

If someone has their Venus in Scorpio they enjoy passionate sex. They also can get totally consumed by a love affair. If you love an all-encompassing relationship, then you want a Scorpio.

Scorpio females are very emotional, very affectionate, and very demanding. She can be possessive and jealous. A Scorpio female will sometimes even try to manipulate her partner. And, she desires a very close and committed union.

The Scorpio male projects the aura of sex, mystery, and power. But, he’s also very sensitive and easily hurt. Some Scorpio men have the image of the lone rider, and women are attracted to their subtlety. But, if you do something to hurt him, even just not wanting to be with him anymore, the situation can become volatile. If you can breakup while still respecting him, you should be fine.


SagittariusAlmost everybody loves the Sagittarius. They are so bright and shiny. They can see the big picture in life, what’s really important. And, they never sweat the small stuff. To impress a Sagittarius, ask them what they think about any topic. They love conversation. But, they also need their privacy, and you must respect it to keep their allegiance. However, they love it when you share your secrets with them. You can trust that they will keep your confidence. Sagittarius loves to travel and they love the outdoors. But, they’re not very good at keeping promises.

If their Moon is in Sagittarius, they’re optimistic and adaptable. But, because they are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, they also have a tendency to push their luck. But, they’re also quick to recover from any losses.

When Venus is in Sagittarius, this person desires perfect love. And, as most of us know, perfect love is not possible. We all have frailties. As they get older, they often learn to get past this. The young person with Venus in Sagittarius makes a better friend than a lover.

The female born under the sign of Sagittarius is drawn to the excitement of love, being in love. But, when in a relationship, if she becomes unhappy, she’ll quickly end the affair. So, if you want to keep a Sagittarius female, don’t let her endure her unhappiness too long.

Many Sagittarius males enjoy the chase of the romance, but not the long-term commitment. The saying, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with,” describes a Sagittarius man. This is more prevalent in younger Sagittarius males. As they get older, they realize they have to compromise to keep a partner. Most Sagittarius men prefer informal situations. They prefer sandwiches and beer to caviar and champagne.


CapricornWhere Sagittarius is so very optimistic and seeing the big picture, Capricorns are very focused and down to earth people. They can appear to be aloof. But, don’t be afraid to approach them. They often wait for someone to ask them for a date. Capricorns can be a little hard to fathom. They sometimes try to mask their feelings, and they can be very good at it. You can be married to them for years and still won’t quite know what they’re feeling. If you’re buying a gift for a Capricorn, always keep it practical. They love any kind of tools from wrenches to knitting needles. And one important thing about a Capricorn is to always be on time. There’s nothing that upsets them more than late arrivals. As they say, “time is money,” — the Capricorn motto.

Capricorn Moons are very self-reliant people. But, they’re almost haunted by responsibilities. They have a tendency to work very hard. They can be rather shy when young. And, they often find true-love later in life.

If someone has their Venus in Capricorn, they’re usually extremely cautious with love. And, they fear rejection. One has to work very hard to gain and keep their trust. The Capricorn Venus (or Sun or Moon) can become very cold when snubbed. You’re dead, as far as they’re concerned. But, the good thing is, they are very rarely stalkers.

The Capricorn female has a never-say-die-attitude towards love. And, yet she bounces back very quickly from breakups. Capricorn women have a tendency to tolerate too much abuse from their men. But, when they finally get to the point where they’re fed-up, that’s it! They move on.

The Capricorn male is often a loner, like that lone bike rider. But he’s also a faithful lover. And, the Capricorn lover gets better with age. They get better at unconditional love and sex when they get older.


AquariusAquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, bringing the sudden and the unexpected. Uranus also rules science and humanitarian attitudes. Their biggest assets are always their friends. Friends mean everything to an Aquarius. They make friends easily. And, they also love technology. So if you’re interested in an Aquarius, be ready to see all their high-tech gadgets. And, be ready to hang-out with all their friends too. They love unique things and people. And, they are truly hard to predict. They will surprise you, out of nowhere, when you least expect it. But, they’re also very committed. If an Aquarius makes a promise, they will keep it. Aquarians have problems with confrontations. When confronted, they often become very elusive and withdrawn.

Those with Aquarius Moons need independence in relationships. It’s important to give this person total freedom. Long-term relationships often slowly transform from lovers and partners to friends and companions. They have a tendency to focus on a different plane in true-love.

Venus in Aquarius brings people who are more detached in love. And, they cannot tolerate jealousy.

To attract a female Aquarius, you need to be her friend, before you can be her lover. But, it’s said that the Aquarius female makes the very best wife. She’s tolerant. She’s not easily offended. And, she rarely gets jealous. She’s a nice, easy going woman.

Same as the Aquarius female, the Aquarius male has to be your friend before he can become your lover. Give him freedom. As they say, “if you leave the barn door open, he probably won’t leave anyway.” But, he has to have that door open at all times.


PiscesPisces is the last sign if the zodiac. They are a water sign, and they feel so much. If you want to impress a Pisces, talk about art, mysticism, spiritualism. You can even talk about life after death or reincarnation. Even if they don’t believe in it, they’ll find it very interesting. I call them the social worker of the zodiac. They often want to help others. So, share your problems with them. But, also show them that your competent. They have enough people coming to them wanting help. Small and thoughtful acts are always appreciated by Pisces. Even if you just put a little parsley on his meal, he’ll notice. Some say Pisces have more problems with addictions, but I’m not sure that is really true. We meet so many people with addictions. And, we can be addicted to many things besides just drugs and alcohol. We can get addicted to food, work, love, and sex. Even though a Pisces is very sensitive, so they’re easily drawn into addictions. Also, because they think higher and they’re very spiritual, it’s easier for them to see their own addictions. Introspection comes easily for them.

They say that Pisces Moon people are more intuitive and more likely to be psychic. They’re very creative and romantic. But, they have trouble seeing the world accurately. I encourage Pisces women looking for love to ask their girlfriends to help them evaluate their dates. Because all Pisces (Sun, Moon, Venus, Female, Male) see a person’s potential, not who they really are.

The person with Venus in Pisces can be fickle. And, they often choose the wrong lover. But, they’re also very intuitive about love.

The Pisces female will change herself to fit her partner’s ideal. She sees love making as communion, a mystic connection. To her making love is a deeper, higher thing than just a physical act.

The Pisces male can pick the wrong woman. He can sometimes find clandestine affairs, like relationships with married women, attractive. But, he’s also very romantic and very compassionate. And, they need a lot of empathy. Pisces are the slippery fish. They need people to understand where they’re coming from.

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