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Spice-up Your Love Life

One of the easiest ways for a woman to spice-up her love life is to watch movies and stories about love and romance and to read romantic articles and books. Audio books are always a plus for busy women. Keeping up with a job and family can leave us little time to stroke our imaginations. But, it’s so important to take time for ourselves. If we’re constantly sacrificing our needs for our children and our mate, we will find very quickly that we are fading away into nothing.

There’s nothing wrong with telling the kids, “I’m taking a bath,” and locking the bathroom door. You can always unlock it in case of emergencies. A hot scented bath, a few scented candles and some sexy music or a love story audio book could be just what we need.

Also, always take time to get dressed and put on your makeup before you start every day. The kids think we’re beautiful no matter how we look. And, sometimes hubby gets too absorbed in his own projects to even notice us. But, we notice every time we see our reflection. Taking time to make ourselves beautiful can be a real big boost for our self-esteems.

Set a date night at least once or twice a month, even if you’re single. You can always go out with the girls or just a friend. We don’t always need a partner to go on a date. Your husband or partner may carry on how expensive it is, but there are lots and lots of things you can do that cost very little. Sometimes just a stroll in the park or taking some time to sit next to a body of water can bring out our sexy sides. And, if you want to be really adventurous, watch or read a little porn with your man. He’ll get a real kick out of it. I remember one time traveling with my husband, I brought along the audio book, The Book of Guys read by Garrison Keillor. By the time we reached the motel that evening, he was on top of me.

Always wear something soft and silky to bed, even if you sleep alone. We need that sensual feeling around us to remind us we are sexual and sensual beings. Sexy underwear can also keep us stimulated, even if we are required to wear a uniform to work.

Remember, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Take those extra few minutes for yourself everyday. You ARE worth it.

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