Better Life Through Magic

Better Living through Magic

So, here you are again. Things didn’t work out as you hoped, or maybe even as you needed. You’re back to square one, with all the feelings of failure and despondency, all the bad habits resurfacing and the negative mindset imploding. Would you like to stop this cycle, once and for all? Using magic daily can help you live a better life.

Of course, there are some things that magic won’t do. For example, you can’t use magic to lose 20 lbs overnight–although there are ways magic will work to ensure you’re successful over time. Magic won’t take away a person’s free will; not even the angels can do that. Free will is a birthright, and everyone–including you–has the capacity to change their minds or to make bad decisions. Magic won’t guarantee you health or wealth or romance; although it’s a powerful tool to work as a compliment to creating these things in your life.

Well, so far, this sounds pretty bleak. What will magic actually do, then? I like to think of magic as an accompaniment. For example, if you were cooking, magic wouldn’t be the stove and it probably wouldn’t be the meat and the potatoes of your life, either, but it is most definitely the seasoning, the herbs and spices that make the dish mouth-wateringly tasteful. In my opinion, life without magic is merely french fries without salt–but what do I know, I’m just an old hippie.

Evil Magic

Isn’t Magic Evil?

The answer to this is an overwhelming no. Magic is simply a tool, and like any tool, it can be used for good, or it can be used for bad. It’s like fire; fire can cook your food, dry your clothes, heat your home, create a wonderful ambiance–and it can also burn down your house taking everything you hold dear with it. So is fire good, or evil, or is it just being fire? The right answer is it is just being fire. It has no conscience, and neither does magic.

You have probably heard of black magic. This is what fills Hollywood films and best selling novels, giving the antagonist a supernatural tool with which to work. The first step to understanding how using magic can help you live a better life is to realize that it’s the antagonist that is evil here, not the magic. There’s no such thing as black magic, or white magic for that matter. People who set out to use magic for their own selfish reasons or to be cruel and heartless toward another, then that is black magic. Those who use magic to better themselves and others create white magic. It’s as simple as that.

Then there’s ceremonial magic, and that’s what we’re mainly discussing here. Ceremonial magic is doing a little ritual that places mind over matter to help create a desired outcome. It’s about laying logic aside, and believing that anything is possible, even if it is improbable. Of course, even magic has to follow some basic principles. It bends the laws of physics, but it cannot break them.

If you’ve got this far and you’re starting to think that this may all be heading toward a bit of mumbo jumbo, thinking that it is going to be too complicated or that it is too good to be true, let me stop you right there. Have you ever said the Pledge of Allegiance, or sang your national anthem, or recited the scout pledge with others, said grace before a meal, or taken part in communion at your church? All of that could be interpreted by some to be a form of ceremonial magic!

Sacred Circle

Magic 101: The Sacred Circle

You may have heard of this previously, or perhaps you have not. There’s a reason that the geometric shape of the circle is considered to be one of the most important is because when you look at it, there’s no definite starting and stopping point like there is with a straight line, and no hard angles like there are with squares and other quadrilaterals. It’s a two dimensional representation of the sphere. Many cultures both ancient and modern view the circle to be a representation of oneness and wholeness. It’s the foundation shape in the study of sacred geometry.

You are the center of your own sacred circle. If you think about it, you can only see the world from your own point of view and through your own eyes. You cannot be anyone else, anywhere else, other than who and where you are. What better place, then, to begin to understand your own magic circle, and to apply that to empower every moment of your existence?

When you understand that you are the point at the center of your own circle, the center of your own life, you can start to work within that circle to build the life you want to live. It’s when you use the sacred geometry to your advantage that you find your interconnectedness to all things, and that is where your journey to wholeness and oneness can truly begin. How do you start?

Casting Magic

Casting the Magic

Casting your own sacred circle is so easy you will wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along. Make it part of your daily routine–just like grounding, centering, and shielding (and if you are not already doing that, why not). Casting a sacred circle takes less than three minutes, but it adds indeterminable value to the quality of your life.

  1. Quieten Your Mind: This is important, for if your head is full of jibber jabber you won’t be focused on what you’re doing. Just take a moment to breathe; deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. Let your body relax.
  2. Extend Your Arm: It doesn’t matter which arm, but I always use my non-dominant one. Hold it out straight in front of you, as if you were directing someone which way to go. If you want to point with one or two fingers, that’s okay; I use my whole hand.
  3. Beam the Light: Envision your aura–the energetic field around your body–streaming out of your fingertips like a laser beam. Just keep looking at your fingertips and imagining that light flowing from them. It doesn’t matter if you can see it or not, it’s there, it’s happening.
  4. Make the Circle: Hold your arm and beam the light for as long as you feel comfortable. It Don’t worry if you feel silly and like nothing is happening. You probably felt silly when trying other things for the first time until you got the hang of them and magic is no different. Tell the ‘mean girl’ in your head to shut up, and just keep going. When you start to feel your arm tire, slowly move your feet and begin turning in a clockwise manner. Clockwise is important. Just trust me on this one. Keep seeing the light flow from your fingers and creating a circle around you. Keep moving until you have completed a full turn.
  5. Close the Opening. Put your arm back down by your side and stop seeing the light flowing from your hand. You’ve now set a magic circle of energy around you. Only the energy that you let into this circle can reach you. Your own energy is contained in this circle until such a time as you are ready to release it.

Magic Working

Working in the Magic

Magic circles have wonderful uses and can be cast at any moment for any purpose. They set energetic boundaries that resonate with you and your connection to all things, because you’ve projected your very energy through space and time and into the cosmos. You’ve ignited your personal power, and given a place for the flame of creation to grow. All sorts of wonderful things take place in a magic circle.

Want your morning yoga to have a better effect? Do it in a magic circle. Need some positive juju when balancing your checkbook? Work in the magic circle. Want a bit of oomph to spice up your sex life? Try casting a magic circle, first! There’s no limit to what you can do in a magic circle. However, there is just one small caution. Now, nothing will go drastically wrong if you forget to do this, however, it does tend to weaken the casting of future magic circles if you fail to pay attention to what I’m about to tell you next. Magic circles need to be undone.

Putting Away Magic

Putting the Magic Away

Let’s say you’ve cast the magic circle when you’re doing work to protect yourself from curses or psychic attack. Once you’ve finished your shielding or placed your crystals, the magic is in place and needs to be set. Nothing will go wrong if you don’t do this, but you do weaken the potential of the circle, and things may get a bit muddy when you come to cast your next one. Fortunately, undoing a magic circle is even easier than casting one!

  1. Pick Up The Light: This is simple. Reach out your arm like you did when you were casting the circle. Point to where you put the light down–the place you stopped moving your feet around in the circle and dropped your arm. See the circle of light that you cast jump back to your fingertips–and again, don’t worry if you don’t physically see it, just envision it happening.
  2. Retrace Your Steps: Shuffle your feet around counterclockwise while still picking up the light. Continue to move around, tracing your movements when you were casting the circle. It’s almost as if you were erasing the light from where you first drew the line.
  3. Absorb the Light: When you have come back to where you first started to cast your magic circle, pick up the light. Imagine it all flowing into your extended arm, so that you’ve absorbed it, sucked it all back into your being. Pause for a moment, then slowly lower your arm.

That’s it! You have now returned to your usual self, and the room or other area is now just it’s ordinary vibration. You can–and probably should–put this on a shelf, now, and not pay it any more mystical or magical attention. Put on the television or play some music, get something to eat or something (non-alcoholic) to drink, and go about the rest of your day. You may not feel like you’ve done anything special when casting this circle, but I promise you that using daily magic can help you live a better life, for it focuses your energy in such a good and positive way, and anything that brings you positiveness is a wonderful asset, don’t you think?


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