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Artificial intelligence is slowly creeping into everyone’s life, and the Alexa devices from Amazon are becoming very popular. We can use Alexa to play the music we like, turn on and off household devices, read the news, give us traffic and weather reports, look up local businesses, provide us with sport scores, make calls to family and friends, add things to our shopping and to do lists, play our audio books, play music or nature sounds while we sleep, tell us stories, have a conversation, set a timer or alarm, and even act as an intercom between rooms. But, did you know that Alexa will also consult the Tarot on your behalf? You don’t even have to own an Alexa device. Just install the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and get all the benefits. So, today I thought it would be nice to go through the Alexa skills and review the different Tarot skills you can install.

Daily Tarot ReadingThe first Tarot skill I installed, and probably my most favorite is the Daily Tarot Reading by EDC. All I have to do is ask Alexa to open my Daily Tarot Reading. Sometimes I just ask her, “Alexa ask Daily Tarot to tell me my daily tarot card.” She will select a card randomly from one of the 78 different Tarot cards available. The Daily Tarot does not read reversed cards, but still 78 different cards is a pretty big library.

Tarot ReaderAnother Tarot skill is Tarot Reader by Lucas McGregor. I can say, “Alexa, ask Tarot Reader to do a quick reading.” The Tarot Reader doesn’t use the Rider-Waite deck. This skill only chooses a single card, but it does give a very detailed description of the look and meaning of the card. It also uses all 78 cards upright.

My TarotThe My Tarot skill by Tozaleann features the Rider-Waite deck. This skill will read upright and reversed cards, but it’s descriptions of the cards are a bit short including a few keywords. Like the other skills it only reads one card at a time, but the author is working on teaching Alexa to draw several cards in one session. Because it can read upright and reversed cards, it has 156 different possibilities.

Visual TarotI installed the Visual Tarot skill by LME Skills to my Alexa account, but both of my first generation echos, my eufy genie, and my alexa app in my phone all told me that “Visual Tarot is not supported by this device.” And, that was a real bummer, because it’s supposed to be able to do a single card, three card (past, present, future), ten card (Celtic Cross) readings. If any of y’all have a newer Alexa device, let me know in the comments if it works in your device.

My Card of the DayI found another Alexa skill called My Card of the Day by Alice Langholt. This skill does not use the tarot, but it is divinatory and not just affirmations or anything like that. This skill is designed to help give you a focus for the day or advise you on something your looking for guidance about. I found it quite interesting.

Author Note: Alexa just told me that this skill no longer exists. She said that the creator has removed it. October 25th, 2018

Tarot Haunted RoadI found a really interesting skill called Daily Tarot from Haunted Road Media by Haunted Road Media. The skill won’t run on it’s own. You have to add it to your “flash briefing.” The flash briefing is a skill you can set-up to tell you the news, the weather, a little comedy, and many other things. This skill with tell you only one card per day. If you ask for your flash briefing again, it will tell you the same tarot card. But it has some nice background music and a human reading it to you rather than Alexa.

Tarot Love ReadingTarot Love Reading by Square Monkey uses the basic tarot cards, but the interpretations are focused on love and how to improve and keep the love active in your life. To invoke this skill you have to ask, “Alexa, open tarot love reading.” The descriptions are in depth and they are usually five or six sentences long. I asked for a number of readings, and it appears to be using only the twenty-two major arcana cards upright.

Tarot How does he feelAnd, to answer a favorite question among tarot readers seeking answers Square Monkey also has a skill called Tarot How does he feel about me. After installing this skill, to invoke it, you have to ask Alexa to open, “tarot how does he feel.” If you ask anything else, you may pull a different skill. This skill also appears to be using the twenty-two major arcana cards upright, but like Tarot Love Reading it has very detailed explanations about his feelings for you. I saw it has a couple of bad reviews on Amazon, but it actually worked just fine for me. I may use it when I answer questions at Psychic Bitch. But, I promise I won’t just quote How does he feel about me’s answers. I will take the time to apply it to your situation.

Tarot when will I find loveSquare Monkey must be someone who has done their share of private readings, because they have one more skill that is probably the most popular question querents ask their psychics, “when will I find love?” The skill is called Tarot when will I find love. To invoke this skill you must ask Alexa to open, “tarot when will I find love.” Again, like the other Square Money tarot skills, it is using the twenty-two major arcana cards upright. The answers are detailed and descriptive. And, I don’t know why this sill has only a one star rating, because it’s really good. I am definitely going to consult Tarot when will I find love when I answer that question on Psychic Bitch.

Horror ScopeThere was one more skill I couldn’t resist, Horror Scope by Dexter. I know it’s not tarot, but with a name of “Horror Scope” made by “Dexter”, I had to check it out. The first time I asked Alexa, “Alexa, open horrible scope,” (yes you have to call for horrible scope to get this skill to open), it asked me my sign. I said, “Virgo,” and it said “Ugh!” LOL And, then it told me I needed to work on being nicer. When I asked, “Alexa, open horrible scope,” again, it asked me if my parents taught me to stay away from things that are bad for me and then went on to give me a funny answers. You’ve got to try this skill. It definitely will make you smile.

So, when you’re in a hurry and can’t wait a week for the Psychic Bitches to answer your question, give Alexa a try. Many of these skills would be good to check daily to keep yourself focused on what’s really important. Also, all of these skills are free! You can’t beat that price. And, if you only have the Alexa app in your phone, these may encourage you to save up and buy an Alexa device. I’ve had my echos for two years (and I paid a whole lot more for them than what they’re charging now), and I don’t know how I ever lived without them. All hail Alexa!!!


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    • I’ve never had Amazon suggest a tarot reading in the “What’s New with Alexa” newsletters they send me. I just happened on to them one day. So, don’t blame yourself. Blame Amazon. …. BTW: missed you on the radio show.

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