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The Psychic Didn’t Answer My Question!

“The psychic didn’t answer the question!” Oh, how I wish I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard that! You wrote in, you saw that your question had been picked by one of the psychic readers, you eagerly await your reply, and when you open it, you’re disappointed. You feel like the psychic didn’t answer the question, and you quickly write a rebuttal, saying as much. However, did you ever really look at this, and ask yourself why it happened?


You Asked too Many Questions

Too Many Questions

You may think that you only asked one question, but if your query to the readers was, “Is 2018 going to be my year and am I going to get my life back on track and will I find love and happiness and will I get a better job and does my grandma who died in 2002 have anything she wants to say to me?” then you might not get your question answered. In fact, many of the readers will simply overlook this because you’re being greedy.

If you were lucky enough to get chosen, and the psychic tells you that the cards indicate there’s the possibility of a job promotion, don’t write back that the psychic didn’t answer the question because there’s no message from your dead granny. If that was the most important thing on your mind then that was the only thing you should have asked. It’s your responsibility, not the psychic’s, to prioritize what you want to know.


You Weren’t Happy with Your Answer


So, you asked if your fiance was having an affair with his secretary, and the psychic wrote back that you shouldn’t marry this guy because you don’t trust him. You might think that the psychic didn’t answer the question. However, if that’s what the psychic saw in the cards, then that’s your reading. It may not have been the answer you expected but a good reader isn’t going to make up an answer if it’s not in the cards.

Often when this happens, what you got was good sound advice on how to proceed in the relationship—advice you’re probably not going to take because it isn’t what you want to hear, no matter how truthful it might be. Don’t be so fast to blame the reader for that. You knew there was an issue before you even asked the question, otherwise you wouldn’t have been asking it. Be a bit open minded, and you’ll see that you got a pretty good answer after all.


You Wanted More Information


Maybe you wrote in because you’re interested in someone, and wanted to know how he felt about you. The psychic wrote back that the cards revealed he didn’t feel ready for a relationship, that he’s content with the way that his life is going. So you write to the psychic again, wanting to know how he feels about you. The reader replies that this is how he feels, he doesn’t feel ready for a relationship. That means with anyone, not just with you. You still want more information; how does he feel about you?

By this time the reader is probably getting a bit exasperated. You’ve had your answer, and it’s not the reader’s issue it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Pestering, and asking the same question over and over again, isn’t going to change things. If you want more information, change the record. Ask instead about why he’s not ready for a relationship, then play fair and pay the reader to look more closely at that.


You’re Trying to Get Something for Nothing


Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often. Imagine you’ve gone out to eat, and you’re halfway through your meal and you ask the waitress if you might have a bit more gravy. Then a few minutes later could you have more corn muffins. A couple minutes later will she put a hot top on your coffee. Next you ask if there’s more jam—oh, and a bit of extra butter, too. Before long you’ve had a whole extra meal delivered to you, bit by bit, at no extra charge.

There are some people who try to do the same with psychic readings. They get the question answered, but then they ask for a bit more, and the psychic—being a nice person as most readers are—gives you a short answer in response. So you ask her to clarify something in that answer, which leads to another, and another, and another… When she finally suggests that you might want to pay for an in-depth look at the situation, you announce the psychic didn’t answer the question. Not cool—and a good way to alienate yourself from getting future readings.




Remember that Psychic Bitch doesn’t ask you to pay for your initial readings. The readers are here to help you to get the most out of your life, and they will share with you what their oracles say you need to hear. It may not be what you want to hear, but that doesn’t mean the psychic didn’t answer the question. It means that what you asked and what the universe told you were out of sync; so where does the problem lie?

When this happens, the clash usually occurs because you are too attached to the situation to see the answer, even when it’s presented to you. That’s not your reader’s fault. Yes, there are times when a reader completely misses the mark; we misunderstand the questions and go off on an unrelated thread, but once again, a lot of that can be prevented if you proofread your question before you submit it, and ensure that you’re phrasing it clearly so that the reader knows exactly what you want.

At the end of the day we’re all wonderfully unique, and while you might think someone is a great reader, someone else might think that person stinks. The best way to ensure that you get your questions answered is to support your favorite reader by paying for their time and services. It’s all a question of priorities.


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For a personal, empowering, and in-depth reading, please visit my site’s tarot page at SmartAsstrologer. Prices start at $12 for a Tarot Quickie which will give you an overview of the situation. Choose from Tarot , Astrology, Stones, or something else. “I’m here to help.”

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By Sarah Bellum

 About Sarah BellumFor a personal, empowering, and in-depth reading, please visit my site's tarot page at SmartAsstrologer. Choose from Tarot , Astrology, Stones, or something else. "I'm here to help."

10 replies on “The Psychic Didn’t Answer My Question!”

Yes, the aboce listed had been told most questioner attitude ! I think it is important that a questioner should be open mind when request for a free reading nor pay reading. An answer from Psychic is something to give us some clarity on how we choose to act in the situation, as being said god will never take away our free will. Be open mind meaning also future is not set in stone because i believe no Psychic predict is 100% accurate thats the truth. We had to always carry a mature n right attitude to come to seek help at site. Even if we cant got the result that Psychic been told dont make much comment on them as they had truly invest their time n effort to do the free reading ! The article is good for everybody to to come to Psychicbitch !
Hannah @Malaysia

@Hannah I think you make a very good point. I think staying with one psychic you feel you click with or are comfortable with is a good idea. Seeing too many psychics at once, as I have learned, can get confusing, like that analogy with too many cooks, and being humans too, no psychic as you said is perfectly accurate no matter how experienced/good. E.g., a psychic I was once friends with told me matter-of-factly that Michael Jackson loved children, but just loved them too much, and another I found on YouTube who claims 90% accuracy on her predictions stated that if he had abused those kids then he would have abused his own; I guess we will never know the real truth here but I believe personality conflicts can also sometimes play a factor in how helpful a reading is. It doesn’t necessarily make either you or the psychic a bad person, it might just mean you’re not a right fit for each other. But I think we all have psychic ability to a degree so at the end of the day it’s really our own instincts we need to go with, the psychic is merely there to guide you onto the right path, not tell you what to do or how to feel. Like with therapists, we just need to accept what advice is helpful and discard what isn’t, and just like with the therapist, if they aren’t a good match for you, you always have the option of moving on to someone who is. In those rare cases that they are blatantly rude, giving you orders and telling you how to feel, despite you being an adult, that’s clearly a red flag; but no matter who you turn to for advice/spiritual insight, listen to your gut, at all costs, and you can never fail.

This was an EXCELLENT article, succinctly written. Unfortunately, there exists a vast, vapid amount of individuals in this world that will never comprehend what was written. How they still manage to even breathe is beyond me.

Well said psychicbitch. If we applied these basic principles that psychicbitch points out above to our everyday life. Then maybe one day we would quit pointing the finger and blaming others for our problems. And last but not least, open our eyes/ears to see/hear clearly that the honest answer to our question is not always what we hoped it would be! So lets quit freaking wasting our time denying its truthful advice by time spent complaining or attempting to discredit these sage words of truth! For God Sakes People Ever Heard The Saying, “Thank God For Unanswered Prayers” or “The Truth Hurts”…..And For God Sakes They Answered Your Question Freely, No Cost! Psychicbitch is the bomb!

I completely agree. I am a huge fan of I love and appreciate every single one of you. It’s hard out here financially on your own and if it wasn’t for this site and 100% free questions I don’t know what I would of done. Ive had it pretty damn hard these last few years and at times when you don’t know who you can trust around you I thank God for all of you to help me and give me guidance on what’s going on around me . So thank you and I hope you guys realize how many of us you truly help out here with your amazing gifts and talents.

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