Your Psychic Doesn't Like You

Your Psychic Reader Doesn’t Like You


You thought you got on really well with your psychic, didn’t you? You go to this person regularly for tarot card readings or astrology or whatever. She knows you, sometimes even better than you know yourself. Is it a surprise to know that your psychic reader doesn’t like you?! Well, of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Most readers get along well with their clients, but there are exceptions. Are you one of them—and if so, what can you do to change things?


You Continually Ask the Same Question

You go to your reader regularly, and every time you ask the same question. It really doesn’t matter what that question is, either. Are you constantly asking about finding love, or wanting to know when you’ll get a job, or if you’ll be happy, or what the lottery numbers are? That’s a sure way to put distance between the two of you. Repeatedly asking the same question tells the reader that you’re not paying attention to the advice you’re being given, and you’re doing little to help yourself.

Your destiny is not written in the oracles that your psychic uses. Your destiny is written in your DNA, and your reader is there to help you unlock that. When you keep revisiting the same question over and over again, you’re simply not listening. A psychic’s task isn’t to miraculously produce what you want to happen. The cards won’t suddenly bring you a lover. Your debts won’t go away just because you asked a reader for insight. A new job won’t fall out of a planetary transit and land in your lap. You have to be proactive—and if you aren’t, your psychic is going to get pretty tired of wasting your time, and theirs, revisiting the same ole same ole.

You Want Too Many Details

It’s one thing to ask your reader whether there’s a new relationship or new job or new anything else coming your way. Wanting to know dates, times, places, eye color, salary or anything else is very frustrating for the person who’s trying to help and reassure you. Again, your destiny isn’t written in the oracles. Because of quantum physics and the multiverse theory, there are infinite possibilities available to you. Asking for specific details is putting too much responsibility on your reader, and giving away too much of your personal power. It actually closes, rather than opens, the doors of opportunities.

It’s up to you to determine what you want out of life, and then use the energy from the universe to help you achieve that. When your reader tells you that yes, something new is coming, it’s okay to ask for generalities, but try to avoid backing your psychic into a corner. They’re not gods or goddesses and they don’t have the power or the responsibility to make this happen for you. The best question to ask is ‘how.’ How can I draw that new love into my life? How can I increase my potential of landing that job? These are things that the oracles and your reader can answer!

You Ask About Your Soul Mate

Actually, this should be ‘you ask about your soul mate more than once.’ Soul mate and life mates are two different things, although the marketing gurus who want to sell their readings to you will have you think otherwise. There’s a lot of hype about soul mates and twin flames and twin rays and whatever else someone can come up with to sound new and exciting. It might get you to part with your coin, but that doesn’t mean that it’s worthwhile.

Soul mates are mirrors for your soul. They’re usually not your life mate. Neither is your twin flame, or your twin ray. If you’ve asked your reader about this, and they’ve explained it all to you and done a reading for you about whom your potential soul mates are, and then you return and ask again, you’re sowing seeds of trouble. It shows the reader that you’re gullible, and not willing to listen to counsel.

You Ask Flippant Questions

All readers have heard the lottery number question far too many times. Lottery numbers, bingo wins, casino windfalls… none of it can be predicted. It gets into the quantum physics thing again. Those numbers don’t know what they’re going to be until they’re revealed. It’s absolutely pointless paying your good money to ask ridiculous questions.

It’s also not a good idea to demand spells from your reader, either. Many psychics don’t do spellwork. Badgering them to make your ex come back is a real turn off. Your ex left for a reason. You don’t want them to return just because you forced them, now, do you? Manipulating someone else’s free will is usually a no-no with reputable readers, and if you’re seeking that, you’ll find yourself out of favor very quickly.

You Visit Too Frequently

You might think that this would court favor with your psychic, but readers—at least those who are genuine—don’t want to just keep taking your money. They don’t want to have to answer every little detail about your life. They want to help you, not tell you what you have to do. You shouldn’t need a reading several times a week and you definitely don’t need to keep asking the same question when you see your psychic.

Yes, there are some psychics who will take your money and keep telling you what you want to hear. They’re not helping you, they’re enabling you, and that’s a very slippery slope. A good working relationship with your reader doesn’t mean they counsel you on every minute detail of your life. You don’t need to ask your psychic if the bus is going to be late or what color socks you should wear on Tuesday (yes, those are bona fide questions from the past).


Have you pestered your reader with these questions? Notice I said pester, not asked. All readers will be patient when you’re learning how they work, and what kinds of queries they can answer, but if you’re a repeat offender with any of the above, then it’s highly probable your psychic reader doesn’t like you. Don’t be surprised when you’re fired, when your reader tells you it’s time you went to someone else. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone else, and that applies to psychic-to-client relationships, too.

Professional intuitives are here to help. It’s a calling. Genuine readers don’t want to fleece you out of your money. They want to earn a living by providing their skills and talents to counsel you and help you get the most from your life. Yes, you’ll pay for their services. If you start getting unreasonable demands, or being told that there will be bad luck if you don’t keep going for readings, then drop that psychic like a hot brick. They’re there to use you, not help you, and you need to find someone new—but that’s another story, for another time.


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