Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards

Ouija boards, or their real names, spirit or talking boards, are not a cheap parlor trick. These are a serious form of divination. Divination is a tool or tools that can be used to divine answers from specific questions. If you, like a silly fool, treat these instruments as a cheap parlor trick, then you are asking for trouble. The spirits do not take kindly to people who chide or make fun of them. You will be punished in any way the spirits deem fit.

Spirit boards are never made with bad intentions, this is not Hollywood. People who run around screaming they are dangerous have no clue what they are talking about. Yes, like anything else they can be dangerous. If you are going to treat it with disrespect and have no idea how to use it properly, you will get into trouble.

When you get the board you must cleanse and consecrate it just like any other magical tool.

  1. Get a bowl of salt water.
  2. Get some incense or sage is good.
  3. Light a white candle.
  4. Now wet your fingers, dip them in the salt water, and rub them on the board and around the edges back and front. You do not soak them.
  5. While you are going through this you say; “ I cleanse and consecrate you.” Do it the whole time you are doing this.
  6. Next you say the above chat, while three times running it through the smoke of the incense or sage.
  7. You also say this while taking it through the smoke of the candle.
  8. When this is done, wrap it in a nice cloth of silk, leather, or cotton and let it charge till the next full moon. The best time to do this with any tools is on a full moon. Put it on top of a dresser or some place like that and make sure you or no one else moves or touches it.
  9. Depending on how much you use it you may need to charge it (cleanse and consecrate) it a few times a year.
  10. When you use the board you are opening a porthole. What you open you MUST close.
  11. When asking questions you must make them meaningful. Meaning don’t ask stupid things like ‘who will my next boyfriend be.” That is a sure fire way to make them angry.

Now you have cleansed and consecrated your board.

  1. You say the following “Talking board of the spirits, May I ask of you some questions?”
  2. If it says NO or doesn’t answer then you say. “I thank you for your service this day. I will now close the portal. May you rest and be at peace.”
  3. Now whether it answers questions or not you must always thank them and close the portal. If you don’t, you will let in some very bad and dangerous things that many times you can’t get rid of. This board opens a portal onto the astral and that can be a very, very dangerous place.
  4. When you have closed the portal wrap the board and planchette in the cloth or a nice box and put it away.

If you put the board away without closing the portal, and you remember, get it out immediately and apologize to it. Then close the portal. If you forget and cannot get someone who has been using them from more than 20 years to come and close it for you, you will have to get rid of the board. It is best is to throw it into a river, not a lake, but moving water. There you will say, “Undines please carry this board to safety. I implore you so mote it be.”

Real spirit/talking boards are expensive and can be made from the following: wood, leather, glass, or resin. Do NOT get one made of cardboard. There is no magick in cardboard and it is worthless, even though you may have paid ten dollars for it at Toys R Us.

Remember not all forms of divination work for all people and it may take a few times for it to like you, and want to work with you. Be patient or it never will work with you. NEVER ever let anyone besides yourself touch any of your magical tools or divination tools. You don’t want people soaking their essence into it. They is your tools, not their tools. If someone touches them, slap their hands and redo the cleansing and consecration all over again.

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