All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love

All you need is love. That is what tons of songs say, but is it true? Well, many people think all they need is the love of another person, a significant other type of person, to make them whole. This we get to blame on greeting card companies, Valentine’s day, and host of other false love pumping ideals.


There are tons of different types of love and humans are made to believe if you don’t have a man or a woman to hug and kiss you, you are worthless. There is much greater love than that, that is mainly hormones. As Tina Turner sang, “What’s love got to do with it.” As a person gets older they realize there is more to love than than hormones and sex. Love is everything from chocolate to animals, to beauty of the ocean and the sky, to friends and family.

But the majority of you only want the hormonal love and how you attract it. Will you be alone forever? Will another person love you? No one needs another person to validate them, to make them a whole person. Sometimes it is a nice perk to have another person around and sometimes not so much. People who ask, ”When will I meet the one? Where will it be? What are their initials or name?” That is a very, very, very, stupid question it is as bad as; “We broke up a year ago. Does he/she still love me and think of me? I know that we were madly in love.” Let me tell you first YOU KNOW NOTHING. If they were so madly in love with you, they would still be there, so quit deluding yourself. Next the spirits get very angry on the “Will I meet the one? Where? When? Name? Looks?” When you are asking a psychic a question make it a question worthy of the spirits. They are way older than any of us and deserve respect.

Remember forever is a long time and nothing is forever. Also when people say you have to love and respect yourself before someone else can, that is the truth. If you are crazy desperate for someone, it shows, and it has a scent that you can’t smell but others can “smell” the “scent” of desperation. It is not pretty. It is worse than the smell of fear, and it has distinct body language. A body language that beams like a beacon in the night and scares the life out of people.

And still, you want love spells. I have said before and will always give the cautionary directives on love spells.

  1. You can not use it make a certain person love you. That is controlling them, and it will never last for long.
  2. They need to love you for you, not for magick.
  3. You can attract the person you should have through magic, but magick will never keep them.

Now you will need the following supplies. You can get some on Amazon or if you find a witch, pagan, heathen, occult, new age, store nearby they should have these and they will appreciate the business.

  1. Red or pink female or male candle whichever one you are trying to attract.
  2. Love oil, come to me oil, or any ones like that.
  3. You must burn this candle everyday for one hour, at the same time, when no one can bother you, before midnight. Make sure no one moves it, and you must stay with it and concentrate on what you want.
  4. When it burns to the bottom or close to the base then you can throw it in the garbage.
  5. Always stay in the room when the candle is lit. Do not burn it in front of an open window.
  6. Put it out with your fingers or a candle snuffer. Never ever blow it out or you blow the magick away. Do NOT wet it because then you wash the magick away.
  7. Put a tiny bit of oil in your hands, rub them together and taking the candle at the base pull it from bottom to top through your hands, including the wick.
  8. Wash your hands immediately do not touch food or your face before washing your hands. Magickal oils can often have poisonous ingredient that can also burn your face and skin.
  9. You will need to say the spell at least three times in that hour.
  10. Remember not all spells will work for all people.

The Spell

Here I sit and wait for you,
Not that my love will be true.
Know that we should be
As attracted to each other
We shall be
This I ask so mote it be.

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