How to Deal with Ghosts

How to Deal With Ghosts

I have had ghosts or spirits in practically every place I have lived. I establish ground rules with them and you must do the same. You are never going to get rid of many of these ghosts, and the worst ones you will encounter are in hospitals, prisons and graveyards. They will attach themselves to you to get out of there.

Family ghosts like to hang around you and then will go, if they want to. You can never force them to go, but you can make deals with them. The best thing, with many ghosts, is that you can sit and talk to them. Even if you can’t hear them, they can certainly hear you. I have had ghosts flush the toilet at 3:00 AM, I made a deal with them if they didn’t do that anymore, I would not make them leave. The difference is I can with some ghosts and make them leave, and they know it. But you can threaten them with the fact that you can get someone to make the leave. Family ghosts are also prone to moving things or creating noises, so that you know they are there. Sometimes family ghosts will not only visit their own family but friends of their family, even ones they haven’t met.

With other ghosts you can feel temperature changes, smell things like smoke, perfume etc. Animals even come back as ghosts. If you lost a pet they often will come back and visit you because they know you miss them. They will sit on your bed or lay beside you. You will feel them. Remember they love you and will stay with you until they figure you are okay. They often will come back to visit you from time to time. They miss and love you as you loved them. They are your family and are included in the family ghost category.

Ghosts are infinitely stronger than we are, as they are no longer restricted by size and medical issues. Remember that making ghosts angry is not smart. That means if there are ones in your house that show violence towards you, chances are you can’t get them out. And, if you haven’t bought the place and can’t make a deal with them then move. It would cost you way too much money and time to try to remove them with little chance of success. You will never get land ghosts or building ghosts to leave. That is their place. They are usually quite amenable to making a peaceful arrangement, where all or you can be happy.

Hospitals, prisons, and graveyards are ideal places to pick up angry and violent ghosts. If you are at any of these places it is advisable that you do the following.

  1. Wash your clothes when you get home.
  2. Have a shower, washing your hair also.
  3. Using sage, incense either bundle or incense burn it and wave the smoke over and around your body like you are washing in it.
  4. Say the following: “Unclean and unwelcome spirits depart, you are not welcome here… so mote it be.” Do this while using the sage and say it a minimum of three times.
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11 thoughts on “How to Deal With Ghosts

  • hH there truely enjoyed this story am sure I had a spirit follow home from hospital as I spent many hrs with my late hubby in hospital stayed over night in the end at hospital expected it would be my hubby coming home it was,nt although am sure he comes around for as visit, It was a dark haired young man shorter then my hubby I have seen like a flash in the living and sitting on the bed in guest room a few times now he appears to have gone, I had no fear he seemed peaceful so figured he would leave and he did some spirit from the hospital guess he figured it out and left on his own thought it was considerate that he knew to stay in guest room during his stay.. i feel my husband often but that is getting less to because am healing more i expect him to pop in once in a while …Thanks for the reassuring story on ghosts ….Janet

  • Many people believe to many Amity Horror stories of vindictive ghosts. But those ones are usually in prisons or have been there. Ones from mental hospitals can be that way but remember in life they had emotional problems. Most ghosts are not out to harm you and many are misguided. You get these foolish ghost hunters who provoke of piss the ghosts off. That is not smart as they are way stronger than we were ever in human form. Some were not ready to leave, it was sudden like car accidents, murders, they need time to come to terms with their death, just as we have to. Ghosts are not monsters.

    Lady Brigid

  • Thank you ,,,,,,My visitor has not been around awhile ,I am so happy that I didn,t panic and try to force it out left me alone he had the class to stay in the guest room lol He was a gentlemen ghost,,,and once in a well wonder down the hall to the living room.. Hope he went to be were he needs to be and has peace, now like that old saying,,,,,,, if its not causing harm leave it be … you are so right,.thanks again for the great advice to everyone ……Janet

    i hope he found were he needs to be …….Janet

  • Most people have no idea on how to judge ghosts. I have decades of experience working with them. It is always best not to make them mad. They will leave as they came or just hang around and play with your pets or kids sometimes.

  • Follow all instructions above in the article. If that doesn’t work as them to come forward and show themselves and if they don’t then you will need to have spellwork done. With that you may contact me privately.

  • Jessica Roberts says:

    Every since I was a child I have had the feeling of some kind of bad spirit around me, even after moving different residents. I even seen black shadow people and when I go to look at them the run out of sight extremely fast. Can u help me to identify what is going on or what these things are?

  • You have not said what the spirit does to make you think it is bad. Some spirits are lonely, some spirits are attracted to certain people. Some get them attached to them because of the land their house is on the, building, or graveyards, hospitals etc. Many, many, people think that all spirits are naturally bad. When most are not. There has been far too much hollywood interpretations on this. Why don’t you send me a private e-mail and tell me what makes you think this. I am not feeling it is anything bad. Has it done bad things to you?

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