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Spring Holidays and Love

Groundhog day is a holiday called Imbolc it is the first of the new spring season and is attributed to the Celtic Goddess Brigid not to be confused with St. Brigit who was kidnapped by Christians as their saint and changed the spelling of her name. This is because the Christians did not have an original thought.

This day actually originated on the Isle of Man, where it was said that the crone would come out of her hut to get more wood for the winter. If she saw her shadow then there would be six more weeks of winter. Well where I live if we get six more weeks of winter that would be amazing, usually we get more.

Now following this is Valentine’s Day. Well, Imbolc lasts a bit and I guess the Christians needed two holidays too. These are not huge holidays but they are marking the end of the crone time of the year and moving into the maiden time of the year.

The pagans, heathens etc., celebrated by the women putting their names or something of theirs that others would recognize as theirs in a pot. Then the males would come and pull one name/item out of the pot. They would spend the rest of the day and maybe even the year together. This day did not just mark the beginning of the spring but it was to promote love and fertility.

Now how many times do I get people say; “can you do a spell so I will get pregnant,” or “so I can get Jim to love me” The answer is “yes” and “no.” Sure we can do love spells. Will they work? Not if you are trying to manipulate a particular person. Oh you could get them for a short amount of time then they will be gone. As for pregnancy; no way, no how will I do or give a spell for that.

So here is a spell to promote love of no particular person. As you don’t want to manipulate anyone.

Items you need.

  • 1 red or pink male or female figure candle. If you are a male you get a female one or vice versa.
  • 1 love oil, to attract a lover.

You can get these off of Amazon or if there is a witchy store near by.

You will put a small amount of oil on your hands and pull the candle starting at the bottom up to the top through the oil on your hands, including the wick.

Wash your hands and never touch your eyes or mouth before you do. Do this spell same time every night or day when no one is going to bother you. Burn the candle for a minimum of an hour every night and when putting it out do that with your fingers or a candle snuffer. Never ever blow it out because that will blow the magic away or set fire to your curtains. Do not do this in direct path of an open window or breeze.

I wish for a love to come to me,
I wish for a love to be with me.
Even for one I now cannot see.
Bring to me the love I need.
This I ask so mote it be.

Now say this three times just the way it is written while you are watching your candle during that hour. Do not ever leave a candle unattended.

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By Lady Brigid

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