Real or Make Believe

Are They Real or Are They Make Believe?

Are they real or are they make believe that is the question people ask about spell casters. There are tons of charlatans on the internet and in business. These fake spell casters are any age, any gender and any walk of life. The big question is how do you know if they are fake or not, that is the million dollar question but there are signs.

“I can return your lover in 60 seconds”. Not possible, this is come-on and an entirely good way to bilk you out of copious amounts of cash. Many people get bilked out of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars by fakes and flakes.

Yes, there are a psychics that are spell casters, I am one of them and I am a witch. That being said the majority of psychics do not and can not cast spell as they have no knowledge of how to cast spells. You just don’t pull a spell off the net or out of a book and pop it works.

Psychics suffer many chronic illnesses and it is because we are energy workers and take a great deal of mixed energies into our bodies, from our readings. The same is more than true of spell casters. To do a spell is like working twenty-four hours a day for the duration of the spell. This does not include simple money spells or love spells. These are highly involved spells such as: legal spells, removing hexes and spells, health, binding, etc. These spells are hard on the physical health of a spell worker and they can affect everyone in the spell workers house including their animals. Many get very sick and not for twenty-four hours but sometimes months and can kill their animals. If a spell is not done right they will all suffer up to and perhaps death.

A true spell worker will quote you a price. That will be the price for their supplies, work etc. Three-thousand dollars is nothing to get a person out of a legal tangle. But if they quote you a price that should be the price for that work only. They should not say three-thousand and then when you pay it tell you they need another thousand dollars to do it and keep that up. Don’t be afraid to ask them if that is the price for everything.

They should be providing you with “Rules of Spell Work,” not just verbally but in an e-mail. There are absolutely no guarantees in spell work. That is because if you do things that you are not supposed to do it will make the spell invalid. This also goes for lying. Never ever lie to your spell worker, the gods don’t work for them, they work for the gods. You may think you are getting away with it but the spirits will punish you for it and the spell will not work.

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4 thoughts on “Are They Real or Are They Make Believe?

  • jimdragontech says:

    To state the obvious: you got that right. I would add a good spellcaster might do a half now half on completion agreement.
    There are a pair of caveats though: pay in full by the date of your, contribution.

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    • You can not do anything that is manipulating another person. That would manipulation there is nothing you can do. If it is meant to be it will and if not it won’t.

      Lady Brigid

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