Mo Money

Mo Money

It seems like there is no end to needing money in this life. The whole point is not to get greedy about it. Some people want lottery numbers and pretty much they want me to give them money. Money spells are like giving you money, just I give you the tools to do it yourself.

If I had the winning lottery numbers guess what, I would keep them for myself. So don’t be asking psychics or spell workers for lottery numbers, you aren’t getting it from them. You might as well use the numbers from a Chinese fortune cookie.

This next spell will take awhile but the idea is not to steal from the jar until you believe you have the amount in it. It would also be great for kids too. It is not just a spell for money but for saving money.

Now I will list the equipment you need for this.

1) 1 green figure candle preferable a cat candle.
2) Fast money or any money oil.
3) A calendar or you can just print the months you need off the computer.
4) So clean tins with lids, piggy banks or even glass jars… you can get the latter at the loonie or dollar store.
5) Parchment paper.

If you need money for more than one thing at a time it is good to have more jars instead of just one.

First you need to dress your candle. This is done by putting a very small amount of the oil in the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together, then taking the candle wrap your hands around the bottom. With one hand starting at the bottom pull it up the candle including the wick. Tear or cut off a piece of parchment paper big enough to write what you want on it. If you need a new car, be it brand new or new to you. Then write, “Car $5,000” on the parchment and touch it with your oily fingers. Then go wash your hands. Do not touch eyes, mouth, nose or eat anything till your hands are washed. Many substances in magical oils are poisonous so it can kill you or make you very sick.

If you need that money in a month then you print off that month of the calendar and put it under your candle. Your candle should be in a candle holder or plate. Then each day you do this spell always same time before midnight each day you mark that day off the calendar.

You need to put more money in the jar each day. So if you put one dollar in the first day then two goes in the second day or you can also multiply it twice. So one the first day, two the second, four the third day and eight the fourth day. Do that for a full month or even more. Now you may need more candles during that time because you must burn the candle for at least a half hour to an hour each time. When you do you say this spell.

With this wish the money grows,
In leaps and bounds it overflows.
Coins that jingle, coins that shine.
Come to me now! Now is the time!
So mote it be.

You must say this three or nine times each time you do it and when you get to “Come to me.” each time you say it use great emphasis on that line. Even if you are shouting that is good. When you are saying that spell make sure you are putting the money into the jar. While the candle is burning look at the flame and visualize money falling into the jar and all around you.

Make sure this jar is hidden away from visitors or others in the house. When this spell is completely done, you have the money you need. Then you take what is left of the candles break them and toss them into the garbage. I strongly suggest only asking for money for one thing at a time. This is because the spirits will think you greedy and you won’t get the money you need. Never ever blow a candle out, never leave it by itself. When you put it out you can put a lid, a candle snuffer, or your fingers to put it out.

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