Safe Magic

Practice Safe Magic

Everyone tells people to practice safe sex but that is not the only safety you should practice. When doing magic, even the most simple you must not dabble or take it as a joke.

Magic is not a joke. It is important, and if you take it lightly or as a joke you will be punished. The spirits are not amenable to being mocked. Playing fast and loose with magic or divination really irks them.

If you do a spell for money, to find a parking spot, or to keep the light green so you can get through it, you don’t need to do a protection spell. With most other magic you do need a protection spell. I do not give out spells that traditionally require a spell caster for the main reason many, if done wrong even one little word, can backfire and cause you grief. This is not grief like having a pimple. It is severe grief; it can be broken bones, severe illness, death, divorce and a thousands of other disastrous things.

It is not just how you do a spell, but why you do it. What is your motivation behind it? Do you need money, or do you want some guy this other woman or man is with? Do you just want to break them up or kill them? If you try to do spells that manipulate or kill people, you will be very, very, sorry you even attempted them. Most spell workers will not do these, and if they do they cost horrendous amounts of money. This is because they are putting their lives on the line to do it, and they will be hit first with the negative, and it will hit everyone in their home including their animals.

Spell workers fight extreme forces, ones you would never think or expect that would even indulge in magic. We try to help people, their health, families, everything. There is no guarantee to spell work and that is because you can do or say one thing to throw it out. When a spell worker gives you the rules of spell work, you must adhere to them stringently. Going against or doing what you were told not to do will cause problems you never imagined. If you suspect someone is doing magic against you then you should get in touch with a spell caster. In the next article I will tell you how to know if you have a real spell worker or a charlatan.

Now I am going to give you a protection spell. Remember this is a minor protection spell if you think there is something very serious going on get a hold of a spell worker.

Protection spell.

Goddess gracious day and night,
Protect me and all within with all your might.
So mote it be.

You need a white candle, protection oil, and dragons blood incense. Dragons blood oil is excellent for this. Take the oil put a small amount in your palm, rub your hands together. Take the candle, a taper will work, hold it in your hand and pull it through the other hand from bottom to top including the wick.

Always wash your hands after dressing the candle. Do NOT touch mouth, ears or eyes until your hands are washed. Burn the candle for at least an hour. If you are doing a love spell say this at the beginning before you do the spell and at the end when it is done. Never ever blow out a candle. Put it out with your fingers or a candle snuffer. Blowing out a candle removes the magic and can set your house on fire. Never put a lit candle in a room that has open windows and never ever leave the candle alone and burning.

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8 thoughts on “Practice Safe Magic

  • Hello Lady Brigid,I love reading the bitch Alerts I’ve done a few of the spells in the spells column however I’m am new to this mostly learning from what you post an online I thought that as long as there is no intent to harm it would to is there a way to no before or after if you ..messed up.. so to speak or ones to just stay away from..if you write about this somewhere else I would love to read..thanks

    • There is no way to know before if you are about to mess up, but after there is. In these spells if you mess up, no harm will come to you. They just will not work. That being said remember not all spells work for all people. Books of spells are just a compendium of spells someone wrote they may or may not work. They may look totally harmless but are not and you don’t have the experience to know whether they are or are not dangerous. I will never post on here or elsewhere spells that can backfire and harm someone.

      However there are many spells on the internet or in books that can. The spells I give do not require you to call upon a deity for assistance, ones that are huge in nature like: court cases, getting rid of stalkers etc., do require you to know whom you must invoke. These deities are not always happy campers and forgive you for your mistakes. Those are spells only I or an experienced spell caster must do.

      I do not post these anywhere else although I am considering a compendium of these for the future. The big problem with that is people think if they can do a simple money spell they can do all sorts of huge spells. They get themselves into a problem so serious it can cost them their life, the lives of those living in the same place, wreaking havoc and illness upon them all and thousands,upon thousands of dollars to get it fixed.

      Lady Brigid

  • Madam I want to know about magic and how they work.its not about magic spells I am interested. Its about the world and the mystery.can you help me please? It will be very kind of you if you help me.

  • Friend in light says:

    If a magical item keeps breaking such as a wand that you used 1x when you first got it but is linked to you it was bought by a friend 4 years before we met and just set there never charged or anything 1 1/2 years after meeting he felt it belonged to me and was always ment to be mine which is why he never charged it bc he knew it was a gift just not for who or when so right before my bday as in a few days before he have it to me instant love as soon as i touched it 🙂 well it’s broke 2xs now and stolen 2xs to the 1st person to steal it was in a wreck later that day and it was returned next person went crazy and begged me to the it back but I didn’t cast anything to make it return or anything I didn’t know it was missing when the girl went crazy then the 2xs it broke within 36 hrs after breaking something terrible happened most recent time rolled my car should of died but didn’t cop said if it wasn’t for air bag failure I wouldn’t be alive i was lucky every airbag depoyed but mine what does it mean and how can I bond it to where it doesn’t cause harm bc when i charged it I installed one command aid me as long as no harm comes and how do I fix the breaking factor and repair it like new so the previous break doesn’t tamper with energy bc that could be dangerous? Need help with spell for both its metal and wood has a quartz sphere on one end and a traditional cut quartz crystal on the other which is the side that broke both times the metal that holds the quartz and attaches it to the wood keeps detaching where it connects to wood I know that’s important in order to help properly fix it sorry it’s long but when seeking help casting I don’t leave details out bc they could be important and the difference between success and fail thanks very much in advance

    • I will be submitting very a soon on an article to do with magical tools. You don’t fix it, you throw it away. It was never yours to start with and it was never meant for you NO MATTER what someone else says. Watch the newsletters for the article on this.

      Lady Brigid

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