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Love Spell to Get Great Results

Everyone’s looking for love. In my thirty-odd years of doing this, that’s the hot topic. New love? Reconciliation? Deepening of a current connection? It’s all the same. People always want to know how someone feels about them. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how they feel; it’s what are they going to do about those feelings that’s important! Use this love spell to get great results as to whether this relationship is going to turn out a dream, or a dud!

For this potent ritual, you’re going to need a fairly large mirror (one that you can lay flat; a hand mirror will do, but it’s best to get one specifically for this purpose—they’re cheap enough from second-hand stores), a few drops of geranium oil (available from health food stores or online), your favorite perfume, and two green candles. You’ll also need matches—not a lighter—with which to light the candles, a candle snuffer if you use one, and a glass of wine or a cup of tea. If you journal or color, you might want those handy, too..

So, when is the best time to do this? For a start, do not do this when the Moon is waning (going from full back to new), and do not do this when Venus is retrograde (a farmer’s almanac or your friendly neighborhood astrologer can tell you that). It’s best to do this between midnight and noon, rather than between noon and midnight, but that’s not as important as other factors. If you can, try to do it when the Moon is in Taurus or Libra. If you can find a date when the Moon waxing in Taurus or Libra and which falls on a Friday, you’re golden!

Sparrow MoonSparrow Moon

This Spell is Moon Sensitive Check Sparrow Moon’s Astrology Events for planetary data.

For this love spell to get great results, it’s best to gather everything together before starting, so that you don’t have to interrupt yourself. You might want to wear something either pink or green for this, and some mood enhancing music—something soft and gentle—wouldn’t go amiss, either. When you’re ready, dip your index finger into the geranium oil, and touch it to your opposite hand in two places; one on the big cushion where your thumb joint runs into your lower palm, and again on the opposite side of your palm where the side of your hand comes down into your wrist. Dip your other index finger into the oil, and touch your other hand in the same manner.

Now take your oiled index fingers, and draw a heart on the mirror, starting with your fingers together at the bottom point of the heart. Bring them up and out, and then in and together again, to make the upper point of the heart. Don’t worry if this feels odd or looks weird; just remember to make it large enough that you can write in it.

When you’ve drawn your heart, light the two candles. Place one to the left of the heart on your mirror, and the second one opposite the first, to the right side of the heart on the mirror. Now you’ve set the stage for your real magic to begin! If you’re with someone, and your relationship is going well, put your initials and theirs inside the heart, as if you were carving them on a tree. Write your initials using the oil on the index finger of your dominant hand, and write your love’s initials with the oiled index finger of your non-dominant hand. That’s going to be a bit tricky, but remember, it’s the intent that you do this which is important, not how neat it looks!

If you’re not with anyone yet, but want to draw love into your life, write your initials with your dominant hand, and with your non-dominant hand use your oiled index finger to make 3 dots under your initials. This will represent the initials of the person who will come into your life. Don’t be tempted to write the initials of someone you’ve got a crush on! Yes, it may bring that person into your life, but are they going to be there because they really love you and want to be with you, or because of the spell? Love magic is powerful, and you want them to be there because of their true feelings for you, and not just because you want them in your life, right?

So, you’ve got your heart drawn and your candles burning and your initials in the heart. Now is the time for you to use your favorite cologne. Spray a bit in the air over the heart, so that it falls onto the mirror. (Don’t spray it too close to the candles; you don’t want to set the place on fire!) As you do this, repeat the following words:

“Spirits of the candlelight
Hear the wish I make tonight.
Bring me love and make it fine,
Let us now our hearts entwine.
Mirror, shine love back to me.
Make it true, so mote it be!”

Now sit in silence for awhile, and think of all the things you’re going to do with your lover once the spell has worked. If you journal you might want to write in your journal about the experience, and all the things that the spell is going to bring into your life. If you enjoy the current coloring book trend, spend some time coloring and focusing on sending out your energy to your lover. Enjoy your wine or your tea, and look forward to the day when the two of you are relaxing together.

When you feel rested and content and at peace with what you have done, pinch or snuff the candles out. Keep these and the mirror in a safe place, somewhere that you’ll see them often, but where they won’t be disturbed by others—maybe a clothing drawer or other personal storage space. Every time you see them, remember that you no longer have to worry about love growing stronger, for you’ve done magic to make it happen. Remember to wear your cologne often, too, because that was part of the spell, and its scent will catch your love’s attention—perhaps even before that person is your lover! You can get on with the business of enjoying your life now, and trust this love spell to get great results and bring love into your life. It might not happen immediately, so be patient. This is the real thing, and it will be worth waiting for.

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