He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not

He/She Loves Me — He/She Loves Me Not

Actually doing that little thing where you pluck a flowers petals is a magic spell. Not a big one or even a good one but it is part of a bigger spell.

How many times have I had people ask me to do a spell to eliminate their boyfriend or girlfriend’s husband, wife, significant other, too many to count. The reply is always the same. “You don’t have enough money in the universe to get me to do that.” Therefore, you will never get a spell like that from me. I will never do a spell like that. That is because the suffering I would go through would be so bad if I didn’t die someone I love could die or be terribly harmed.

Any spell that can bring about injury, demise, or other hazardous things to one’s health, are wrong. If it is absolutely necessary to protect you or those you love then there are spells that can be used to manipulate or prevent that person from harming you. That way you would not suffer repercussions. However, those type of spells are not for amateurs. This means doing a money spell does not give you experience in more serious spells. Those are spells that take years to know how to do and they are spells that take a great deal of time and knowledge.

You cannot do anything that will manipulate another person for frivolous reasons. That means if Jenny is dating Don and you want to date him,you cannot do a spell to get him or a worse one to harm her. If you do you can prepare for the spell to bounce back at you at least three times harder, and often many more times than that. This means if you do that you will suffer and it is not a broken nail or a hangnail, it will not be pretty.

Spellwork is hard and that is why spell workers charge what they do. They charge for their time, the length of time they have to do the spell and the items involved in the spell. Along with after many spells are done the spell worker becomes ill. It is like working twenty-four hours a day for the length of the spell.

Love spells should be done to attract the person you deserve not a particular person. Are there spells to break people up? Of course there are but that is only something that a spell worker should do.

Now for one love spell.

1. Obtain a red candle a red figure candle is better. You can obtain red male or red female candles depends on what you need. Don’t buy from Walmart or dollar stores. The wax melts fast and burns hot. You can get some figure candles off of amazon that are good ones. You can burn this candle everyday for an hour for a 5 to 7 days. When you reach the bottom break it in half..

2. You need some Come to Me oil. Put a bit on your hands, rub together then grab the candle and grabbing the bottom pull it through your oiled hands and be sure to get the wick also. Then light your candle same time everyday before midnight. Do not blow the candle out, use your fingers or a candle snuffer when you are done. Blowing out a candle blows away the magic. Remember to wash your hands after dressing the candle with oil. Do Not touch your eyes or mouth until you have washed your hands.

3. Get a skein of wool or acrylic wool unravel it and then while your candle is burning you will roll it into a ball while saying this spell. You DO NOT have to roll it into a complete ball the first night. You can finish it on the last night.

Turning, winding, rolling towards me.
My love, the one I deserve will come to me.
We are meant to be together.
So mote it be.

4. When you are done each night put your ball or part of ball away till the next night. Be patient spells take time to work. Do not expect men or women to fall out of the sky and be pounding your door down. You then have to go out and not actively search but go do things you are interested in.

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