Guaranteed Money Spell

Guaranteed Money Spell

No matter what time of year it is, most of you could use a bit more money, right? It’s possible to research the internet and see all kinds of charms and potions guaranteed to make you rich. The truth is, it’s not quite that easy—and if you do buy any of these items, then chances are the only person who’s going to get any richer is the one who’s selling them! Are you out of luck when it comes to improving your chances for financial improvement? Not at all. This guaranteed money spell is simple, and it works! You don’t even need any special candles or other trimmings to do this. Let’s take a closer look!

You can do this at any time, although it won’t have quite the same oomph when Jupiter is retrograde. This happens for about 10 weeks every year, so you’ve got time to avoid it–and I’ll even share with you an alternative that you can do for the period when Jupiter is retrograde, so you’re not left high and dry. Do not do this spell when the Moon is going from full to new, either; you want to grow your money, not decrease it! So, waxing Moon, and Jupiter direct, got it? The best day of the week to do this is Thursday, and also, do it in the morning, sometime between midnight and noon, rather than between noon and midnight.

Sparrow MoonSparrow Moon

This Spell is Moon Sensitive Check Sparrow Moon’s Astrology Events for planetary data.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. It’s best if you turn off your phone so that an unexpected call or text doesn’t ruin your concentration. If you want to put on some background music you can, but it’s not essential. I used to do this in the bathtub, when I was alone and relaxed, but you can do it anywhere at all.

Next, point the index finger of your dominant hand–the one you use for writing (some of you will be ambidextrous, in which case, choose the finger of the hand you use most frequently). Point that finger to your other hand, your non-dominant hand, right where the index finger joins into your palm. If you feel that area, there’s a bony bit. In palmistry that’s called the Mound of Jupiter.

Using your dominant index finger, tap on the Mound of Jupiter, and repeat this phrase:

“God and goddess, spirits old
Turn my words into some gold
Lend an ear and hear my plea
Find me wealth, so mote it be!”

Now, using the same index finger, draw a circle on the Mound of Jupiter, then tap it once more to end the spell. Now the real work begins!

Every time you open your purse or your wallet to purchase something, or you’re online and about to click the ‘buy now’ button, pause and tap that place on your palm again. Tap it four times, and as you do, silently ask yourself these questions:

“Do I need it?
Do I want it?
Is it wrong for me to wait for it?
Will it add value to my life?”

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, then it is not the time to make that purchase. By repeating this exercise, you’ll find that not only will you save money, but the money that you have will stretch further, bringing more wealth and financial security into your life.

You can still do a version of this, even if Jupiter is retrograde. All you need to do is to use your non-dominant finger, and tap onto your dominant hand, repeating the same rhyme. The difference is that when Jupiter is direct, it will help you to draw extra money towards you. When Jupiter is retrograde, you’ve a better chance of making more of what you’ve got rather than attracting additional money into your life.

That’s it! This guaranteed money spell will work, but only if you pay attention. There’s no use invoking the spirits to help bring you financial increase if you’re just going to be reckless along the way. Take responsibility for your spending power, use this little ritual, and I absolutely promise you that you’ll see your finances and assets grow.

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