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Is Your Life Haunted?

Have you ever had so much weird stuff happen that you’ve started to wonder is your life haunted? It very well may be–I mean, who really knows what happens beyond the veil? The thing about hauntings and cursings and other supernatural events, though, is that a lot of them are just confirmation bias, and a lot of them are just coincidence. That orb on the photo? Sure, it could be a supernatural presence–or it could just be dust on the camera. But what about things that happen to you with alarming frequency, things that you don’t seem to be able to control. What can you do to help prevent your life from being haunted?

The first thing is always to court a positive mindset. Wherever you place your attention is what you are going to draw into your life. This is because the neuroreceptors in your brain are trained to seek out like energy. The more you want to believe in something, or the more you focus on it, the more you’re going to see it. Confirmation bias means that consciously or not, you’re going to look for information that backs up what you believe. If you believe you’re haunted, or cursed, or that there is supernatural activity around you, then your mind is going to start looking for evidence to support that belief. It’s human nature. In order to start to change that perception, you have to start focusing on something different, and more positive.

Sparrow MoonSparrow Moon

This Spell is Moon Sensitive This spell needs to be done when the Moon is waning (getting smaller) and in the sign of Scorpio. Check Sparrow Moon’s Astrology Events for planetary data.

But what if you genuinely believe that you’re haunted by a spirit; is there something you can do before you call in the holy people? Yes, there is, and it doesn’t take much doing, either. You’re going to need:

  • a purple candle (a tea light is best)
  • rosemary oil (available from health food stores, apothecaries, metaphysical shops, candle makers, soap supply stores, etc)
  • a new piece of plain white paper
  • a black ink pen
  • a flameproof dish (a clear glass ashtray will work, but if you have something more meaningful to you, maybe a stoneware pottery bowl, or perhaps even an abalone shell, that could enhance things for you)
  • a lighter (not matches–there’s a reason for this)

This spell is best done when the moon is waning (going from full back to new), and when it is in the sign of Scorpio. If you’re unsure of the timing, consult with a farmer’s almanac, a lunar ephemeris, or ask your local astrologer. If you really get stuck, drop me a line and we can work out the best timing for you to do this.

At sunset on the appointed day, take the black pen, and on the white piece of paper, write, “No negative energy surrounds me, no negative energy influences me.” Fold the paper four times, and with each fold, say out loud, “Negativity be gone from me, my path is light, so mote it be.” Now light the candle with the lighter. Focus on the flame, and imagine that flame surrounding you and burning away all the negative energy, any supposed curses, any hauntings that have been plaguing you. Feel its light illuminating the way forward, and burning away any inappropriate or outgrown connections to your path.

When you feel immersed in this light, hold the candle over the heatproof dish, and catch the paper on fire. Keep hold of the paper until it is nearly burned down to your fingers, and then drop the paper into the dish, and let the fire consume it. Pinch the candle flame out (do not blow it out), then take the candle and the paper and dispose of them away from where you live–bury them somewhere if you can, but if that is not possible simply put them in a refuse container. Finally, take the heatproof container, and wipe it out with the white cloth and a bit of the rosemary oil.

That’s it! Any perceived negativity is now purged, and you should start to feel a lot lighter and more optimistic about things. In rare instances, metaphysical activity may start to increase after you’ve done this spell, though, and if that is the case, then contact your spiritual leaders or your local paranormal investigators to delve a bit deeper into this. You can always make a witch bottle too, to help protect your home and family. Is your life haunted? Chances are it isn’t, but this little spell will help you to ensure that it is not!

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By Sarah Bellum

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5 replies on “Is Your Life Haunted?”

Hi there! I hope this is an okay question to ask here…I definitely wouldn’t say my life is haunted, but I’ve been aware for years now that the house I live in with my parents is also home to at least two ghosts. One of them, the one I’ve seen several times, seems to be a 15-year-old girl with long dark hair who seems to be wearing something like a maid’s outfit, a black apron over a white blouse. The other, who my parents have seen but I haven’t, seems to be a 10-12 year old boy who they say looks a bit like a farm hand. In general they don’t bother us much, although they occasionally like to get our attention and they don’t seem to like house guests much (they’re perfectly fine when we have people over for a party or whatever, but I’ve heard stories from my nieces and good friends of mine after spending the night). My only real problem with them is that one of them–I believe it’s the girl–took a pendant of mine and at least one earring, several years ago, and now I believe she’s taken a favorite shirt of mine. I’d very much like them back, but I don’t know how I’d go about doing that. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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