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The Moon Can Make You Rich!

So, there’s this light shining in the sky. It keeps the tides ebbing and flowing, keeps the Earth on its axis, and provides us with fascination. It cycles and dances through the cosmos, ever tied to the Earth, yet ever mysterious. It provides ambiance for nighttime activities, and inspiration for poets and artists. Did you know that the Moon can also make you rich?

You’re going to need some patience with this one. You have to do the work under a new Moon, not at any other time. This spell will help you to attract money and wealth, but you can also use it for other aspects of your life, such as love, or maybe a job.

During the time before the new Moon, write down what you want. Take your time with this and work out where your priorities lie. Don’t be greedy! Try to keep this under seven requests–three is an even better number, and one is best! Make sure that it is something tangible, and something that you really want. Don’t wish to be the first person to walk on the planet Pluto–technology hasn’t got that far yet, so it is improbable that this is going to come to pass. Also, don’t wish to control another person. It’s okay to wish for love, or to wish that a relationship is improving, but don’t seek to take someone else’s spouse! Don’t expect things to happen overnight, either, because real magic takes time–and a bit of effort on your part! Remember, the more focused you are, the more power this spell will have.

Sparrow MoonSparrow Moon

This Spell is Moon Sensitive This spell needs to be done on the night of the New Moon. Check Sparrow Moon’s Astrology Events for planetary data.

Obtain a candle. Green for money is a good choice, but white is also suitable, for white represents newness and purity. These don’t have to be big candles; little tea lights are just fine, and in fact, for this purpose, they may work better than a larger votive, taper, or jar candle. You’re also going to want to make a manifestation board to go with you wishes. Cut out pictures from magazines and other media that represent what is on your list. This will help you to see and visualize your goal, and remind you what you’re working to achieve.

In the time coming up to the new Moon, save all your change. No matter what you buy, break a bill, and keep all the change. Put it in a jar that is hidden somewhere personal to you–your underwear drawer, maybe! Keep it hidden and safe; a dark place is even better.

On the night of the new Moon, prop your manifestation board up in your ritual space, near the candle but not so close that it will ignite! Get the jar of change from its hiding place, and put your candle in the center of your work area. It is best to do this in someplace completely fireproof like a sink or a bathtub, because you are working with an open flame. Spread the change from the jar around the candle, and put your wish list under the money. Light the candle and as you do, say, “By the life in this flame, surrounded by money, things will improve, my life become sunny. By the life in this flame my wallet is healthy, my heart is rejoicing, my life becomes wealthy.”

Contemplate what you need to do to make your spell active and working for you. Doing the spell is only the start–now the onus is on you to continue. This can be repeated every new Moon, but use a new candle, and write a new intention (you can use the same wish if you need, but write it out again, fresh). If you can let the candle burn out on its own do so, but if you feel unsafe or unsure about that, then snuff it out between your fingers. Never blow out the candle; you never take a life force with a life force when doing magic!

When the ritual is over, put the money from the jar in your purse, and bury the piece of paper with your desire on it quite deeply in some loose soil. That’s it! The spell has been cast, now apply what you need in order for it to come to pass. If you follow this spell and really focus your priorities, you’ll find that the Moon can make you rich, and oh, so very much more!


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5 thoughts on “The Moon Can Make You Rich!

  • Angel Cake ^_^ says:

    Would it be agenst God to try this? I was raised babtist but I believe if there is magic then God must have created it but I’m still a lil scared. I don’t claim any class of religion I read my Bible and try to be more spiritual but still I’ve always learned that spells or things like this are evil which I know not always is true but well I’m just trying to say is this something that could affect my relationship with God? I do not mean to offend anyone by this comment you do you I do me it’s not my place to judge or force my belief on others so if you find this offensive I apologize and understand.

    • The Bible prohibits communion with spirits of the dead and false gods. In Corinthian, the Bible tells us that we are given the gifts of the Spirit, and goes on to mention specific things that many would consider magic. So in my opinion, it comes down to where you draw your power. If God us the moon and its power, why not use it?

  • I don’t think that this is gonna make God mad, sweetie. He’s bigger than that. I mean, you’re not worshiping an idol or anything, are you? Even Christ turned water into wine–isn’t that a kind of magic, too?

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