Whose Fault Is It?

You know the scenario. You’ve saved your hard-earned money, you’ve chosen your reader, you make the appointment, and yet, you leave feeling unfulfilled. Is that it, is that all there is? What went wrong, and more important, whose fault is it? The answer may not be as easy as you think.

You have to make sure that you’ve chosen the right person for the right reading. Just like you wouldn’t go to an eye doctor with a toothache, there’s no point going to a cartomancer for an astrology reading. The first step to getting a good reading is to know what you want, and then to find a reader who uses those tools.

Asking the question is also important. Many readers will purposefully avoid questions that begin with ‘will I,’ as in “Will I get married again,” or “Will I move to another country.” This is because the reading can tell you about your potential to do these things, sure, but it cannot take away your free will. Your freedom to choose what you want to do is your birthright, and no psychic or oracle has the right to take that from you.

It’s also important that you keep an open mind. The reader you’ve chosen is there because of his or her experience. You should want to hear what they have to say. If you have a preconceived idea about what the reader should be telling you, or how your question should be answered, then you could very well be setting yourself up for failure.

Interaction in the reading is also important. A good reading is a two way conversation, not just a reader spewing out facts that may or may not be appropriate for what you want to know. If you’re asking about your love life, then don’t let the reader asking you if you’re with someone put you off. Likewise, if you’re asking about your career, the reader is probably going to ask you what you do now. In a good reading, the more information you’re willing to share with your chosen psychic, the more detailed the answer will come back to you.

Try not to ask yes or no questions, too. You might ask, “Is there a chance that I can marry again,” and the reader could say yes. That makes for a very short reading! A better way of wording this question would be, “I’m hoping to meet someone and marry again, can you tell me how things look for this to come to pass?” That way you give the reader a chance to have a really good discussion with you regarding all the details of the situation, not just could it happen.

Don’t expect too much from your chosen reader, either. Asking for a prediction on the date you’re going to die, how many children you’re going to have, the name of your future husband, and other very specific details is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Your reader is working, and while the job may be a bit different, it’s still a job. Asking for the lottery numbers is asking for trouble–if psychic readers could do that with accuracy, would they still be working for a living?!

So, whose fault is it when you get a disappointing reading? It could be a combination of things. The reader could just be having an off day. It happens. However, if you do your research about what kind of reading you are seeking and what skills the reader employs, if you can ask a definite question without any preconceived ideas as to what the answer might be, and if you’re prepared to have a two way conversation with your reader, you can know that you’ve done the very best to ensure that your reading will be insightful and enjoyable, and after all, isn’t that what you’re paying for?


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6 thoughts on “Whose Fault Is It?

  • As a medium and empath, it’s also important to understand that the person you may want to hear from may or always come through. This may be because they are still coming to terms with their passing, there may be a blockage of some kind or they don’t feel,the necessity to come through at that particular time. Don’t get disheartened by these readings. Psychics and mediums do the best they can for each person they read for.

  • Any good money spells for this time of the moonphase i know its a question not a reply so if no answer i understand thnx

    • Hey, thanks for your comment! If ya peruse the archives, you’ll see loads of money spells! If ya wanna get rid of debt, look for the ones aimed at waning moons. If ya wanna increase your assets, look for the ones aimed at waxing moons. Thanks for asking!

      Sarah Bellum

  • jimdragontech says:

    The problem is; how do you tell a true psychic from a (simple) telepath.
    Most of the tv-type ‘psychics’ I have seen on tv really only tell a person what they already know that they hsd not fully considered, but have either seen or made a decision about.
    I think naming them would get some into trouble.

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