Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic?

I bet you are. Why? Because everyone is, it’s just stronger in some people than in others. Some people embrace it, some are scared of it. To be psychic simply means that you can get information outside of the limitations of logic and reason. This is not the same as being clairvoyant, though. Clairvoyance is a very specific kind of psychic skill. The word clairvoyance is interpreted as ‘clear seeing.’

You might be clairvoyant if you sometimes see things that are not really there. Maybe you can see the spirits of those who are not physically incarnated. Perhaps you dream very vivid dreams, that give hints or maybe even accurate scenarios of what is yet to happen. There are many ways that clairvoyance can manifest, but the word always means to see clearly. Clairvoyance has to do with seeing with your spirit-eyes, but there are other senses that psychics use to get information from other realms.

A clairvoyant sees things, but someone who hears them is called a clairaudient. Have you ever heard someone speak, but turned around and no one was there? Perhaps you heard music in an odd place, or maybe noises that were impossible to be physically there. These are forms of clairaudience. Don’t think that just because you hear things that other people don’t that you’re automatically clairaudient, though. You could just have really good hearing!

While seeing or hearing messages from spirit are probably the two most popular forms of psychic senses, it’s also possible to taste or smell them, too. Have you ever smelled cigarette smoke or maybe perfume, perhaps food being cooked, yet it’s not possible for it to be really there? Maybe you’ve been in a situation that left an odd taste in your mouth. That could be a psychic sense too. Smelling things is called clairalience, and tasting them is called clairgustance. Of the two, clairgustance is probably the most rare.

After clairvoyance and clairaudience, clairsentience is probably the most popular. It certainly seems to be less unusual than clairalience or clairgustance. With clairsentience, you somehow just know something, without having been told. For example, if you think of a person whom you love, you don’t need them to be physically standing in front of you to know how they looked, or what their favorite color might be, or how their voice sounds. You just know. Clairsentience works similar to that–although you just know these things without having to know the person or the situation.

If you think that you might want to develop one of these senses (and I recommend clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience, as they’re probably the easiest with which to work), you might want to try an experiment. Ask someone you know to let you hold something of theirs, something that means a lot or that they use every day, such as a ring, or their eyeglasses, or a watch. Close your eyes, quieten your mind, and focus on that object. What colors do you see in your mind? Do you get the images of a person? Do you hear any words from spirit being spoken? Do you sense anything about the object, or the person to whom it belongs?

These psychic senses are just like any other talents. Some people will be better at them than others, and some may be great at one, but not the rest of them. You can start to use them by practicing the exercise above. Just remember that it’s not always fun. You may sense things about people you don’t want to sense. You may have unpleasant dreams. This is all part and parcel of being a psychic. It is a calling, and one that comes with obligations. If you want to investigate your own psychic gifts, then you’re going to have to accept the responsibility that goes with them.


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7 thoughts on “Are You Psychic?

  • Please give me a answer of my futher is my husband going to get a job soon I am scared we have been rob of our last money never felt so alone and scared I am on the lowest point dont want to be here anymore please just help me

  • This article makes total sense. I used to have clearer psychic abilities,but with some major stress and difficult changes in my life, I’ve lost touch with them. Being able to get in the “zone” is very important when you’re doing any sort of reading be it tarot or psychic. Thank you “Bitches” for everything that you do ♡

  • Hey, Cocolynn!!

    Glad it all made sense to ya. I actually teach meditation, and I have one that can help ya get back in tune with your abilities. It’s not on my website (yet), but if you’re interested, contact me and maybe we can work something out, yeah?

    Sarah Bellum

    • Hey, Steve,

      Ya can always Google where there are spiritual churches or psychic fairs or mind / body / spirit festivals in your area, and tag along. Talk to the people, find someone ya gel with, and ask them if ya can sit in development circle. If you’re not ready to do that, and ya wanna book a reading with me, I can take a look at your astrology or numerology and point ya in the right direction as to what ya need to study independently to get going, yeah? I’d not advise going it alone with a book; too easy to overstimulate your third-eye chakra, and get deluded about what you’re doing!

      Sarah Bellum

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