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No Health Questions – Why?

We make it a policy to not answer questions about fertility, pregnancy, paternity, or health in general. Many have asked why? Most psychics today will answer those questions in a private readings, so why does the Psychic Bitch not?

My grandfather was a dowser. He could pick up any old stick and find water under the ground. He had a reputation amongst his family and neighbors. Now, that is all cool, but who would use a dowser to choose where to dig a well nowadays? Now we have high tech equipment that can “see” the water pockets under the earth and tell you exactly where to dig.

The same thing goes for the medical industry. Why would you ask a psychic if you are pregnant, when there are tests you can buy at the pharmacy? And, most of us would agree that a gynecologist can give a much more accurate answer as to one’s chances of conception than a psychic “reading” your vibrations. If you cannot afford an ultrasound to determine your child’s gender before it is born, do not decorate the nursery on the recommendation of a psychic. Everyone agrees that a psychic’s accuracy is never 100%.

The Boss is constantly declaring that too many psychics have been burned at the stake for treading in a physician’s territory. It has been speculated that many of the witch trials in Europe were the physicians way of removing midwives from child delivery. It is very unlikely that we will get burned at the stake, but our readings here at Psychic Bitch are public. There could be repercussions if our psychics were to try to walk in a healthcare professional’s shoes.

Just because we won’t do health readings publicly doesn’t mean we don’t do them privately. Many of our Psychic Bitches would be happy to answer your questions about fertility, paternity, and your overall health in general. There is a very close link between the body, mind, and spirit. A psychic reading, or even a spiritual cleansing, can make enormous improvements in one’s health. So, don’t be afraid to contact our psychics privately and ask those questions.

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