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Witches have been practicing kitchen magick for thousands of years. Along with their cats (to help with conjuring) and their brooms (to sweep away negativity), witches cooked up many a potion and spell in their cauldrons. There was a beautiful novel/novella written back in 1950 by Isak Dinesen (the author of “Out of Africa”) called “Babette’s Feast,” about a woman, Babette, who quietly and subtly enchanted the guests at her feast. It was one of the best examples of kitchen magick (in this author’s opinion) ever written.

We prepare food every day, and with just a little focus and attention, we can use that cuisine to create the life that we desire. It won’t happen instantly, but with practice, we may actually amaze ourselves. Some quick things we can do every time we prepare a meal is to keep the focus of our intentions (the result we are looking for) clear in our minds while we are concocting our recipe. Another important point is to always stir clockwise, because clockwise is in harmony with the Sun and the Moon. Food can also be cut into shapes to represent our goals, even something as simple as slicing cheese into cubes to represent blocks of gold. And, always cook with love and add a blessing for every person you are cooking for.

Different foods are used for different desires. Some foods for love include rye, dill, vanilla, and cherries (of course). Foods for prosperity include barley, blackberry, cabbage, pumpkin, and especially cinnamon (the spice of Mars). Foods for protection include potato, mango, horseradish, and (of course) garlic. Garlic can also be used to banish any women who might be looking at your man. In preparing this essay, this author found two very good articles on the web including recipes and lists of what foods work for which goals. You will find links at the end of this article.

Is kitchen magick real? Science has discovered that as we observe an object or a process we influence it simply by our process of observing. There were experiments done with water by Dr. Masaru Emoto proving that what we do around the water changes it’s structure. Some containers of water were blessed with kind words and some even by religious officials. Other containers of water were shouted and cursed at. Afterwards, the water was frozen, and scientists found a significant difference in the crystalline structure of the molecules between the blessed water and the cursed water.* If we can do that to water, imagine what our intentions do to food.

Food Magic for Witches –

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*Water Messages –


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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Magick

  • What about cooking by male witches? I have no worries of my wife; being an old school Celt, I give tge traditional three warnings and then, if needed a good physical thrashing. ( the eldest son of the eldest son thing, hence clan war chief and protector/ guardian)
    I do most of the cooking. Even some of the treats for the cats.

  • Who said this was only for females? I’ve known many male witches and a few male bitches too. But… no more thrashing… please! 😥

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