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Ouija Boards – Divination or the Devil

There has been a lot of controversy about the ouija board over the years. Some swear that its an excellent tool for divination and for contacting passed over loved ones. Others believe that it can lead to demonic possession. This article is not meant to side with one opinion or the other. This author’s objective is to review the facts and the testimonials, and let the readers come to their own conclusions.

The origins of the ouija board (also called talking board or spirit board) goes back to the mid 1800’s with the Fox sisters of New York. They were mediums and they often did their readings, contacting the dead, publicly. They would ask questions of the spirits and receive audible knocks on the wall. They would then translate the knocks into letters of the alphabet. A few years later, after the Civil War, people were enchanted with the idea of contacting lost loved ones, and came up with different ways to contact the spirit world. There were articles in newspapers about the “new” talking boards coming from the Spiritualist movement.

The ouija board was first introduced commercially on July 1, 1890 by a businessman named Elijah Bond. The founders of the company asked the board what it wanted to be named, and the board spelled out O-U-I-J-A (oui means yes in French, and ja means yes in German). When the founders asked the board what ouija means, the board told them good-luck.

Initially the ouija board was regarded as a harmless parlor game, and it wasn’t until World War I, when an American Spiritualist, Pearl Curran, began using it as a tool for divination (foreseeing the future). Later Christian denominations began stating that it was a tool of the devil and warned people not to use it. Also the movie, The Exorcist, produced in 1973, helped to darken the ouija board’s reputation when the girl in the story was possessed by a demon after playing with an ouija board by herself.

There are many, many testimonials from people who tell of being haunted and/or possessed after using an ouija board. Some have been told that they would die soon, others have had inanimate objects move. Many have communicated with passed over relatives, and some have actually seen demons materialize and curse at them. Some paranormal investigators have cautioned that one should have a psychic medium present when using the board to stop the readings should they sense that danger is close.

There have been scientific studies done using the ouija board. The University of British Columbia ran a study in 2012 testing the ideomotor effect* of it. The test had the subject, controlling the board with another person, ask the board yes or no questions. The subject was blindfolded and was unaware when the partner removed their hand. So, the blindfolded subject was the only one with their hand on the planchette. Amazingly, the subjects answered more questions correctly using the ouija board blindfolded, than they did when asked the questions verbally. Scientists call this implicit – unconscious – cognition, and it helped to show how our minds make decisions at a subconscious level.

Is the ouija board a tool, a toy, or an abomination? You tell us! We are looking forward to reading your comments.

*The ideomotor effect refers to the influence of suggestion or expectation on involuntary and unconscious motor behavior —


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By Janet Moon

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39 replies on “Ouija Boards – Divination or the Devil”

Ouija boards scare the hell outta me! Guess I’ve seen too many TV shows about it being a portal for evil. I don’t even want one in my house. Better safe than sorry, I figure.

A few years ago, a friend found an Angel board at Chapters. Loved that! It felt much safer to use. I don’t think Chapters sells them anymore…too bad.

Many people feel the same as you, Annea. You gotta trust your gut. I’ve never heard of an Angel Board. That may be worth investigating. Thanks for your input! :mrgreen:

I can honestly say as a tool used to focus on a question or issue it has been very helpful. I personally have never seen a demon pop out of the board, either I am lucky or blessed. Or the deons have better people to scare.

Finally… someone agrees with me! I tried very hard to keep my personal opinion out of the article, but I’m with you, Athena. It has never harmed me! :mrgreen:

I feel like it’s all in your mindset and your intentions. If those are negative then of course you’ll feel negatively about it or even get bad results. I just really don’t think something as simple as a board can be a portal for those types of misfortunes

I have a spirit board and I have never had a “demon” infest my home afterwards. I always took all the proper precautions. You always have to stay in the white light, focus on a bright light portal opening up above you. I always use salt for purification and blessed oils and water. I ask to only speak with angels and demand that no spirits with ill intentions will come through. I always close the portal afterwards and remember that I’m in control. Some sage and a prayer will help clear the room. Bind the board in salt. Rub the eye with blessed oil or water.
The white light always prevails!!!
Blessed be.

No problem oaboss. :)I like to help and support the positive spiritual connection. I think it’s a good bond to have.
Have a beautiful day!!! :):):)
Blessed be!!!

Depends on where you play with the board.some areas locations have negative some have positive. Same as the ppl using it

Thanks for the feedback, Jayo! I’ve never tried different locations, but it really makes sense. I’m gonna have to try taking my Ouija board traveling. :mrgreen:

I totally believe the Ouija Board is a great tool and it doesn’t mean there is necessarily evil in them, I have never heard of any of my friends having that type of problems with a board. So I am wondering, does anyone know where I could purchase a board now-a-days? I would really love to have one of my own. Thank You. I hope this is not a problem or something that wasn’t supposed to be posted, if so I am truly sorry.

Thanks for your feedback, Shannon. I got my Ouija Board at Barnes and Noble, but I also found one on Amazon:

When I was 15 years old my parents put me in a group home for ‘unruly” teens I immediately had a friend another girl who was my age we desided we wanted to get a Ouija board so we did… got it from toys r us’anyways, long story short we were playing the board in our room by ourselves and something was communicating with us we asked it’s name it spelled out “de de” then we tryed to ask another question,it spelled out “you are dead”and all the lights went off immediately! We ran out of the room screaming and went outside the lights were out on our whole block , only our block though . Flower ave.I called my Dad and he had me dispose of the board and then he took me to our church and the elders laid hands on me and prayed . I have another one to tell you but I will wait until next time , Love and Light, Stephenie

Thanks for sharing, Stephenie! Wow! Knocking the power out on the whole block! That’s a new one! Did the prayers and laying on hands help? :mrgreen:

I believe it did help, I felt more calm and reassured at that time, I’m 43 years old now and that was a long time ago but you never forget something like that…

I am petrified of them, my x-husband & I were at a party & they were all playing with one, that night he stole money from a girl he hated & hid the purse! About a week or 2 later we were going to the house & before we got there he told me what he did! Later on that night, someone suggested to play with it & I was in that room. I was not touching the game in any way, they asked who stole her money. It wouldn’t answer, so someone asked does anyone know what happen to the money,it went to yes! I felt so sick to my stomach! Someone asked who, it spelled out Angela knows! Omg I lied & it started spelling out she is lying to you, over and over! I have not been near one & all my kids know,it is never allowed in my house! I have never forgot that night,I can see it all so clearly in my mind, even the smells!!! That also was the night I realized I had some kind of powers that still 22 years later I don’t know how to use! & I believe my youngest son has more than me! Some people think they are a joke and it is just your energy! What is a spirt,but purr energy! Most people who use something like that have no idea what they are getting into! It is not like the movies, for anyone who has any kind of ability, knows energy is what you need to do anything, read cards, use crystals, even burning a smudge stick,if they don’t know what they are doing, poop can hit the fan!!! My sister in law smudged my appointment be for I even got to it & there was a presence in my home, even my husband sensed him, my son was hurt on our stairs because of it & he loved to watch me shower & be naked!I flipped one day, I got out of the shower & was changing, this presence, was my husband’s grandfather, I screamed that I did not mind him in my home, I was mad at him for hurting our son, (he was mouthing off to us, he was going up the stairs & felt something push him,he fell & the way he landed broke the bone on the outside of his right hand the bone under the pinkie) but can I please have some privacy when I am naked or just plain changing! We never sensed him again,the faint smell of going up and down the stairs of stale smoke, or the hearing of change jingling in a pocket, or the sense of him watching you do anything stopped! When we moved, my husband said when do you wanna smudge the house,I replied never! We have had no problems in our new house (3) years now, but I have that smudge stick, only I know where it is, I didn’t smudge my own home she did, her energy was used, not mine!I know this has in a way seemed to stray away from the original question, but my point is you don’t get involved with something like a Ouija board if you are not prepared for the consequences! Everything is attached to 2 things, energy & karma, if you live that way, you will have answers you hope to seek, & patience for the ones that take time… good luck all

I have a ouija board. It is not evil….too many movies have drilled that impression in our heads, through suggestion in movies, for sensationalism. I have seen the angel boards, would like to have one.

I have used Ouija boards for years. I have had experiences with energy. Nothing more. They have proved to be accurate and if you use them wisely you wont have any issues at all. Demons do not get into the board or people. I have never had that happen. Use common sense. Just because someone calls a board an Angel board doesn’t change the principal, it is virtually the same energy.

Thanks for your feedback, Rhonda. Its hard to understand how anyone can think an inanimate object can hold the power of a demon. The other side is not that simple. :mrgreen:

I have tried ouija boards and not once have they ever worked for me. Even a friend who would use it and a few others were present with me sometimes and it still wouldn’t work. I’ve always been curious to use one and try and talk to a few who have passed. I don’t understand why it won’t work for me. But one time at a girlfriends place we decided to try and make our own. So we did. And it wasn’t working i thought maybe making one it would somehow work for me for once lol nope.. anyway we heard loud noises from outside thinking it was just her dogs playing with something. But it was a bunch of black crows everywhere and they just kept getting louder. That moment i felt as if i was in a scary movie lol.

Hey, Natty! Sorry I didn’t answer you sooner. I must have overlooked your comment. I’m wondering if you’re one of those kind of people who are difficult to hypnotize too? Have no idea what the crows mean.

I played with the board when I was very in 5 to 7 years old..I played with it bu myself..I fo know for a fact..that it does move on it’s own..we’ll all my life since I can remember..I have had the worst health money..always thinking what is wrong with me..well I’ve seen demons and spirits..I’ve been accused of being a witch and that I have a couple different personalities..I have been put on bi-polar medication by my doctor..terrible nightmares from when I was a child til dad wanted to have me committed when I was 12..saying I was crazy..I do have out of body I am floating over people watching what they are doing..I have intense intuition into alot of things..I now have become use to it all..but people just really know how to take my personality..I really don’t know if I’m possessed or if I just have a weird life..people are scared to stay at the place that I live cause they think it’s haunted and I command the demons that live in my woods behind my house..I have never run into any..and I go out there at 2 or 3 in the morning..I think that maybe I let out demons that I didn’t have a clue about at that young Ouija was bad for me!!! i

Do you think the Ouija board caused all your misfortune, or maybe you life’s been a little more complex than that? I do not believe that there are demons in the woods behind your house. Sweetie, they have meds for that. 😥

I believe that there is something that haunts my inner spirit, but I don’t believe that there are demons behind my house either’..I have always had a strange energy…I believe in bad spirits, but I don’t summon them or do I try to get in touch with them….I still to this day believe that the Ouija board is evil when I used it…maybe it was at the home that I was at that brought out evil…because come to find out the man that lived there,, was a very ill man,, Mentally..

You gotta do whats best for you, and if this is how you feel, then this is you. You may want to check out some of our protection spells to keep you out of any big danger. Good luck! 🙂

Hi all!
Ok… I am spiritual and I have used ouija board before, well not the one you buy but a hand made one … Using letters of the alphabet and a glass or even a pen/pencil and writing paper does the same work!
I must say that it can be harmful if you yourself are not aware that you are stronger in body and soul…
Using the ouija ….
In saying all this…. I heard voices of many calling me to go out… I didn’t !
I did experience negative and positive communication ..
I just think that if you are strong with a kind and humble soul, no spirit of whatever kind can harm you directly… We each have free will of what or who we allow/ invite into our lives!

Excellent point, EC! Yes, we all do have free will, and it’s up to us to take responsibility for our actions. Thanks for your feedback! :mrgreen:

My experience was very haunting to say the least. It all started out fun and fascinating till it turned dark. The spirit I was supposedly communicating with was named Tony Nopen. He told me everything a young teen wants to hear.After so many weeks it started telling me to stop and I didn’t. I wanted to know more.From then on it started telling me it was going to see me soon , that it would have me ect. It didn’t occur to me to take the marker off the board and at night I could feel a heavy presence over me. During the day I felt like I was being followed.I tried asking the board about it and it wouldn’t answer my question just kept saying see you soon. I found out from a friend’s mother Tony Nopen was a baby born dead . She wanted to know how I knew the name. I lied and said I just heard it.Too make a long story short. I did nearly die and the haunting or presence did not stop or leave till we destroyed the board and it’s marker. Not all the spirits I talked to in the beginning were evil but it’s like bait. It draws you in and you feel compelled to use it again and again. The board warned me there were rules. I suppose I have no one to blame but myself for what happened.

I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience, Cathy. Have you had any other supernatural encounters? I suspect you are extremely sensitive.

Yes , some good and some bad. Seems I always know when something devastating is going to happen to someone I care about. I don’t always know who or exactly what’s going to happen just that something is going to happen. I can read an ordinary deck of cards most of the time, it was like just one day I could and did. Seems all or most of the women on my mother’s side could.Seems I can usually read intent by a person’s eyes. I’ve been warned by my mother and other psychics to guard my abilities but no one would ever really say why. I was also told when I was a teenager that I was one of seven and again never told what they meant . They just said I’d know when the time was right and I’d meet the others when that time was right. I’ve had various other occurances I guess you could say. Some scared me and some didn’t. When I was about 16 I think it was I was told I was tested by a group of people belonging to a covenant . I kinda thought I was but thought perhaps it was just in my head at the time till they told me. I did instinctively guard myself , just a feeling I guess you could say. They said I passed for what ever they meant. I felt I simply respected their rights to practice what ever they chose . I remember them saying the cat hated outsiders and yet he liked me and he didn’t like anyone. There was an incident on a bus , that terrified me . But this is enough for now. Perhaps you have some insight … Any would really be appreciated ! Thank you for even thinking of me !

I’ve never used a ouija board myself, but my dad has. A long time ago, he and my mom went to a party where a board was being used. They came late and didn’t know about the board. On their War in, my dad noticed a little boy in colonial style clothing standing at the bottom of a staircase. When they got into the party, they found out a board was being used and that the people using it had just finished talking to a boy from the colonial era. Two spirits ended up talking to my dad–his grandmother, who spelt out the initials and birthdays of all my dad’s siblings (he’s one of 5 kids), and his other grandmother’s ex-husband, who asked about the trombone he’d bought my dad thinking that it was a trumpet. My dad said there was another person there whose grandfather came through talking in Polish because that was his first language, and the guy was kind of a skeptic so it took him a while to recognize the Polish and for a little while everyone thought there was something wrong with the board. My dad also said that shortly after the board was put away he was talking to one of the women who had been holding the planchette, who was a psychic, and he said that one of her hands was perfectly normal and the other one, the one that had been on the planchette, was ice cold. My dad isn’t the kind of person to lie or exaggerate things, and in any case he’s always seemed to be more sensitive to that sort of thing than me or my mom, so since he told me the story I’ve believed in the power of the ouija board. I want to try one at some point, to talk to family members and to the ghosts in our house, but since I promised my dad that I would use it with a psychic in case anything went wrong, I suppose I may have to wait for that.

Hi this is littlemama. I have used the Ouija board off and on for years. They dont always tell you what you ask if there is not a presence. I have them to work many times. If the other person is perceptive it helps alot. I have had the lights go off,and heard knocks while using one. I dont use it unless i have good reason. The last time i used one was because of where i live ,the things that have gone on and go on.I do belive that you can contact spirits or some presences. I belive that some of them are no good and will lie to you.I dont believe all will hurt you. When talking to or asking a question always have respect for precence your speaking with . This helps alot and never end your time without saying goodbye.even if your scared.

Littlemama again the reason i decided to use the board here is because of the things i see. I have seen shadows, I have toy trucks and cars roll across the floor by them selfs.When I sit in one certain chair I can feel the vibrations . My mom and I saw a man go out my back door when we were the only ones here. I get up on the morning the door will be open.I use to dream somtimes things that would come true. But they got a little scary so i guess i put a mental block against them. I also have those feelings that you have been there before. I beleive that the board can let you communicate with other prescences

Thanks for your feedback, Helen! It’s good to know that you have experienced the ouija board and have an opinion. 🙂

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