Eclipses and How They Affect Us

Every month, as the Moon orbits around the Earth, it comes to an opposition to the Sun, the Full Moon, and it comes to a conjunction with the Sun, the New moon. But, about twice a year, on the new and full moons, the moon lines up in a straight line between the Earth and the Sun, and we call those alignments eclipses. Pagans believe that the New Moon is a time for attracting, for starting new projects, and casting spells and prayers to fulfill their needs. They also believe that the Full Moon is a time for banishing. It is a time to let go, to exhale, to expel negativity. Lunar, Full Moon, eclipses are believed to be 10 times stronger than a typical Full Moon, and the same goes for Solar, New Moon, eclipses. Eclipses are also known to bring changes. That is probably why they get such a bad rap. Most everybody hates change.

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Eclipses are like forest fires. They can be very destructive, but they make way for new growth. We need these spiritual muscle builders to keep us growing. If life were to stay the same and “perfect” all the time, we would never be motivated to change. We must experience loss to appreciate what we have. But, knowing all this doesn’t make living through the adversity brought by eclipses any easier.

Eclipses bring changes, and sometimes those changes can come in the way of disaster, death, and tragedy. Occasionally the eclipses will bring positive changes, but they will always include some form of stress and adjustment. Its not unusual for relationships already on the rocks to dissolve under the shadow of an eclipse. The elderly (humans and pets) seem to pass over more often during an eclipse cycle. And, sometimes we even lose young, healthy loved ones to tragic accidents when the eclipses are close. Those of us with any sort of chronic illness often notices that our afflictions become more painful when the eclipses erupting.

Lunar EclipseEclipses usually come in pairs, a lunar and a solar, but occasionally we get three. They routinely occur twice a year, but sometimes we will get a third episode, especially when an eclipse develops early or late in the year. Total eclipses are always stronger than partial. If an eclipse conjuncts or opposes a planet or a power point (the first degrees of the 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, and 10th house) in your birth chart, then it will probably have a stronger effect on you personally, even if it is a partial eclipse.

If you want to know the specifics about how an upcoming eclipse will affect you, contact an astrologer. They can tell you what areas of your life that will be affected, and what you can do to not only survive, but possibly even how to make the most of it.


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2 thoughts on “Eclipses and How They Affect Us

  • I’m in awe of it.
    Was wondering….do the phases have any additional influence to someone born at that time? (Born on the eclipse vs born while the moon is full or when its not?) There are so many myths and tales surrounding the moon…. Thank you for the article

    • Oh yes! If you are born on the day of an eclipse, then you end up with crisis as your friend. A person born under an eclipse was born on a tumultuous day, so they would find crisis management comes naturally. Those born on the day after an eclipse usually find themselves cleaning up other people’s messes. YW, Liz. Thanks for your feedback. :mrgreen:

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