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Scrying – Let Me Gaze into My Crystal Ball

Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface to induce visions. Gazing into a crystal ball is probably the most common, but many other types of surfaces have been used. The girls who instigated the Salem Witch fears used a technique of dropping an egg-white into a clear glass of water and staring into it. Nostradamus used a black mirror, and some types crystal divination are done through scrying. The ancient Greek oracles polished silver bowls filled with water which the visitors gazed upon. Many have also stared into burning fires to see the divine.

Scrying is a form of divination that is easy to do, but it does require quite a bit of practice before one can call themselves a master. It is always very important that the room you are using is free of distractions, and you must make sure that you are in a good mental state. Take at least ten minutes to meditate and breathe before you begin. Some find soft music and even aromatherapy (incense works well) helps to set the ambiance. You also need your scrying device. I, personally, prefer candle scrying, but it is important to try different devices until you find the one that works best for you. Take time to relax and gaze into your scrying tool. Look at it until your vision blurs and comes back into focus. You may need to do this several times before a vision comes to you. Do not get concerned if nothing comes during the session. It is also possible that your message will not come through until later in a fleeting thought, or perhaps in a dream.

Quartz CrystalsYou can also scry with crystals, by holding the crystal in your hand until it is warm and activated. Think about your questions or intentions while holding the stone, then open your hand, or place the crystal in a resting place and gaze into it. Gaze deeply and let your thoughts merge with the energy of the crystal until everything flows and your mind moves with the energy.

As I mentioned above, there are many different types of scrying tools, but any divination device that is handmade is always more powerful than one assembled in a factory. You can make your own scrying plate by painting layers of black matt paint on the back of a clear plate. You can even paint your favorite saying and symbols on the front of the plate to embellish it. Spend a little quiet time with your plate, and connect to the divine.

Even if your attempts at scrying do not forecast your future, they will bring you closer to your true Self and the divine. Many feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a scrying session, and they will align your thoughts with a higher power.


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