Types of Hauntings – Did This Happen to You?

Have you heard creeks and bumps in the house? Are things getting moved around, and you don’t know why? Are you seeing shadow shapes out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps some strange events have occurred, like all the doors in your home closed at the same time. Or, maybe you were one of the really lucky ones, and an apparition actually spoke to you. Below I will list the most common types of hauntings and their terminology according to paranormal investigators.

Intelligent Haunting – This is the most common type of haunting that Hollywood utilizes. It is the essence that a person leaves behind when their mortal body dies. They are sometimes referred to as “earth bound spirits.” In this situation, the spirit or entity is usually able to touch and communicate with the living, often through signals and occasionally with a voice. Most often the person/entity has an issue that holds them here from unfinished business to mourning loved ones refusing to let them go. These guys can sometimes be mischievous, and not only can they move objects, they can interfere with electronic equipment.

Demonic Haunting – Demons are entities that have never been mortal, and they are pure energy. Luckily demonic hauntings are very rare, and they are usually easy to identify. A stench that could smell like rotten flesh or sulfuric acid will usually accompany them. Sometimes they growl, and it sounds like it is coming from everywhere, and they usually get more active around the hour of 3 AM. They like to make contact by pushing, shoving, scratching, and even hitting. They can appear very nice and nonthreatening at first, but they quickly increase their intensity. They often try to weaken their victims and eventually possess them. If you feel like you are dealing with a demon, get professional help.

Poltergeist Activity – Poltergeists are usually some sort of kinetic (moving) energy, but occasionally they can manifest as sounds and apparitions. They are similar to intelligent hauntings, but the poltergeist is usually attached to a person, most often a teenager going through puberty. Stressful situations for the teen often aggravates the poltergeists. Some believe that the poltergeist has possessed the person, and others believe it is a natural telekinetic ability coming from the person. Poltergeists means noisy ghosts, and they can bring violent and destructive activity. They can cause knocking and tapping noises, stationary objects moving, doors slamming, lights turning on and off, and even fires breaking out.

Residual Haunting – If a traumatic event happens, it can sometimes leave residual energy. Negative actions can actually leave an energy behind, kind of like the energy surrounding a magnet. Civil War battlefields are a common place to find residual hauntings. Residual hauntings are probably the most common form of hauntings. The people who generated the residual energy could still be living. An example of places that carry large amounts of residual hauntings are hospitals and domestic violence shelters. Even though the people have healed and moved on, the anxiety they endured at the time was recorded in the atmosphere and environment at at quantum level. They are like video recorders playing the event over and over again, but there are no humans or entities fueling them. Residual hauntings cannot harm anyone.

Shadow Creatures – The shadow creatures are the least explained of hauntings. They usually appear as a dark form, often with no discernible features. They can move through walls, and some have even seen them dance. The two most common forms of the shadow creatures are a man in a hat and a person wearing a hood. Sometimes they take the forms of animals such as cats or dogs, but without any eyes or facial features. They are most often see out of the corner of one’s eye (peripheral vision), and most psychic mediums consider them to be neither human nor non-human. If you have read any of the Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz, Odd called them bodachs. I think that Dean Koontz has the best description of them that I have encountered.

There are other types of hauntings. Some like to classify the intelligent hauntings into more categories, and there are other theories, like supernatural portals. This is a simple overview of the types of hauntings and how to recognize them. If you feel that you are living in a situation where a haunting is active, please consider contacting the professionals for more advice.


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17 thoughts on “Types of Hauntings – Did This Happen to You?

  • There is a lot of activity affecting my life which lead me to study the specifics in Astrology. I’m not sure if this caused my recent experience. I’ve been hearing a radio playing music faintly in the background. It sounds like someone has their radio on in another room or the radio is playing lightly through my speaker. I’ve stopped and silenced my environment to listen carefully. As soon as I do this, its silent. It’s been tripping me out! I don’t know if its a haunting or a psychic message of sort or if its simply my imagination. Sometimes I think I’m nuts but my intuition leads me to believe there is something more to this. It occurs unexpectedly and can last up to a minute or 1/2 hour if I ignore it or tune it out or it will not happen again for several weeks or months and then may occur again but only for a minute then it goes away. What the hell does that fall under? Am I Psycho?

    • I experience something very similar, Liz, so I do not think you are crazy! I think is it my brain’s way of processing information. If you hear a specific song or words, listen to them. But, if you cannot make out exactly what you are hearing, do not worry about it. Either way, it is how your brain works and it is who you are, and you are probably not insane. But… if you feel that it is more than you can handle, please contact a mental health professional.

      • Thank you for your response to my experience commented on hauntings. You put me at ease and I appreciate your reply. Fortunately, I don’t feel any negativity from it. I can’t hear the words though there seems to be a voice singing like a regular song. What’s also funny and strange to me is that the music seems to change genre’s, i’ve heard country, soft rock, pop etc. At least it hasn’t been music that annoys me.

    • Mercury retrograde could be causing some of that. The veil between us and the other side gets thinner during Mercury retrograde. Happy hunting! 🙂

  • it was about a week ago 2:30 am I couldn’t sleep when a orb the size of a basketball was coming up the side of my bed. I reached out my hand to it. it went up to me then turned and went into my wall.it was pretty neat.i have a lot of spirit activity from family and friends whos crossed over.when a few minutes later on the foot of my bed was a black swarm thinking how did all these bugs get in here.then the swarm came right at face I slapping and pushing it away my hand was going threw it tearing it apart. it went back to the foot of my bed gathering itself up then came at me again. I continued to fight it off. the 3rd time it came at me it manifest into a spider like creature turning a copper color with lighting speed it came at me.i was fighting it away and demanding it leave now. and it did. I have no idea what it wanted or why it came. ive been sageing my house for a week now. hoping it never returns. what in the hell was it. can someone help me please.

    • Wow, Deb. I’ve never heard of anything like that. I don’t have an answer for you. Please let me know what you find out. 😯

  • Thank you for the article.

    I have experienced shadow creatures when I was living a t home. It would always be the same place the wall in front of the staircase. I thought i was seeing things. The man was pretty much how you described him.

  • we have a glass that moves on it own. Every month.Something touched the back of my sons head. We have had a broken ice maker come back to life , etc.

  • There have been other strange things happen over the years. My son when he was 3 saw a red monster and froze in my my moms room to this day he doesn’t wasn’t to go alone

  • I have had so many experiences it’s hard to find beginning. My parents house had a ghost/spirits abd strange things have occurred all my life. I have seen angles, shadows, partial mnaifistations, been pinched, poked, and have heard my name called numerous times. Have had someone sit on my bed numerous times, sometimes a strange odor in one of the bedrooms, like dead fish smell. Things disappearing and coming back. Things moving right in front of me. My whole family experienced odd things in the 60 years my parents owned the house. One of my sisters and I did not go into the garage at night. I always felt there was a playful spirit and in the garage a mean one. Right after my dad passed I got a phone call. Phone identified caller my dads name was given and the phone number of the phone ringing. This number had been in the family 65 years. When you call your own phone number,you get a busy signal. I believe my dad was calling me. I have kept a diary of strange happenings. I would like to know who calls my name. I swear this is all true.

  • Sadly, after my dad passed my sisters and I had to sell the family home. I have moved into a new place and have felt nothing here. Although I have seen a spirit cat and believe it to be one of many that I have had. My parents house was torn down. Someone told me the spirits might be confused with the house gone, but that they could find me. Is this true? My sister’s, my niece and I have had happenings when we all go on a girl’s vacation every year. I’m sorry to babble so I will stop. I hope someday to fond out who calls my name. It sounds far off most of the time and sometimes it is loud. Have a great day!

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