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Determining Psychic Timing

Clairvoyance is the art of seeing the hidden and often seeing future events. Most people assume that a psychic is clairvoyant, which is true most of the time. There are psychic mediums who strictly deal with the passed over, but we will save them for another discussion. Normally, when we contact a psychic we want to know what’s going to happen with a specific situation. We want to know how things will turn out and when that will happen.

It is much easier for a psychic to see what is going to happen than it is for them to see when it will occur. You see, on the other side, there is no time. All time is happening at once. How else can we see the future? Einstein proved that time is only a concept relative in the human mind.


Some psychics are better at timing than others. Some use Tarot to give them numbers, and they will say they are getting a six… maybe six days, six weeks, or perhaps in June, the sixth month. Some use astrology and the position of the planets to determine when events are most likely. And, many will tell you that you must act first before the event will occur. Like, you must let go of your ex in your heart, before your soul mate can enter. But, there are some psychics who have a knack for reading timing on the other side and translating it into our time zones. Sometimes they hit it and sometimes they miss. No psychic is perfect.

Psychics who incorrectly predict major geological changes and catastrophes are often the victims of misunderstood timing. They were seeing much farther into the future than they realized. Also, the element of free will is always in play. A psychic may tell you that you will be in a train accident next month, and all you have to do is avoid the trains and change the future.

Some people seem to be in such a hurry to reach their destiny, and their frustration can be difficult for all involved. Just because we can see the future does not mean that we can influence it. We cannot increase the velocity of time. And, most of us wouldn’t even if we could. The Universe has a very complex plan for us, and when we try to tamper with it, it often backfires in our faces. Try to remember that sometimes we hit delays because the person we are supposed to meet isn’t ready yet. Relax, and be happy in the moment.


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By Janet Moon

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16 replies on “Determining Psychic Timing”

I just want to say that this is probably the most beautiful thing you’ve written on this website – and I say that as someone who appreciates the great snark. But this touched on a subject that has been weighing on my mind and I love it. Thank you.

Insightful. Like it very much when you say it is not good to tamper with things. I believe so. God manages all PERFECTLY though we as people grow impatient, it is always such a challenge for us to let things unfold. Also so often we might want that which is not for us or just not the right time. Love what you wrote.

This is something that I needed to read. I am so impatient and it bothers me so much! As much as I want to relax and not hurry things along, it never works that way with me. Lol Even after reading this I am still thinking my future husband needs to hurry up and be ready for me!

Thank you for writing this!!
I have been trying to explain this to my friend like forever!
He gets so angry when the time frame is not what he wanted it to be!!!

YW, Divinity! I totally understand where you’re coming from. We can’t change someone else’s future, and we can’t speed it up. We are merely simple messengers. :mrgreen:

Hello…I have mail some personal questions but I didnt recieve any back yet. I was thinking if you do personal reading too. I wanted some help. Thank you

I am sorry, Kikarenla, but I have not received any private messages from you… just doubled checked my email. Most of our psychics are available for private readings, but I am not. Please contact me through our contact form.

Contact da Boss

I have been struggling with impatience. Something that was supposedly going to happen in the first week of September did not happen and here I am in the second week of September still waiting and wondering. Then I came across this. It was like an answer to my questions and it helped me through my frustration. Sometimes things take a little longer but they will happen. Thank you soo very much for this beautiful piece. It came when I needed it the most. I’m soo happy I subscribed to your newsletter.

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