Money and Luck

Using Psychics to Improve your Luck and Finances

Money and luck can be looked at from many different perspectives in the psychic world. An astrologer can tell you when the planets will be aligned to bring you the best luck, and when your luck will be down. A numerologist can also help you calculate your lucky numbers using names and birth dates of you and your loved ones. A tarot reader can intuit when your luck will improve, and a life coach can help you get a handle on expenses. Hell… you can even contact a spellcaster for magick to improve your luck and finances.

Beware of the “pink” psychics offering winning lottery numbers or offering to cast a spell and grant all of your wishes. As many of our psychic bitches have said, “If I knew the lottery numbers, do you think I’d be working here?” Use your psychic with discretion. If a psychic tells you a specific number, jot it down, and buy one ticket. Don’t go spending all your money or even going into debt on a psychic’s advice.

If you’re in a situation, especially, a legal situation where you really need some good luck, a spell caster may be able to help. But… you MUST do everything the spellcaster instructs to the letter. Even one little slip-up can cause the spell to fail. Pushing our wishes upon the universe can be touchy, but it is also very possible. We must be certain this is what we want, and we need to consider all angles, or we could actually end up limiting ourselves. And, NEVER try to cast a spell on another person. That will probably backfire in all kinds of ways including poverty, loss, accidents, and health issues.

Has your life been miserable for years? When you look back over the past, do you see nothing but failure? Well… a spell caster could be just what you need. What the MD and the psychologist couldn’t fix, the “witch-doctor” may know the answer (put the lime in the coconut… LOL). Actually, there are many cultures that believe in hexes and curses, and there are true-blue psychics who CAN change things. But… this is where you have to practice extra caution traveling through the psychic jungle, because the pink predators have a tendency to concentrate in this field. They promise they can cast a spell to bring back your lost love, to eliminate your cancer, to increase your fertility and produce a baby, to make you rich, and on and on.

Psychic spell work requires a tremendous amount of hours and materials, so its hard to distinguish the honest spellcaster from the fake by looking at the price. Its more important to check the psychic’s credibility. Search their name and their site’s name. Read any negative and positive feedback you find. Some negative feedback needs to be dismissed, because its from an unhappy customer, who didn’t understand what they were purchasing. Also, some of the positive feedback should be ignored as coming from the psychic’s “friends.” After you’ve weighed all the information, then contact the psychic for a reading only. Do not commit to any spell work until after you’ve done a reading with the psychic first. If, after all of that, you feel good about the psychic’s abilities, then purchase the spell work.

Astrologers and numerologists can tell you when you will be going through lucky periods in your life, and when the unlucky ones will be upon you. Numerologists look at your life cycles to give you timing, and astrologers compare the present planets to your natal chart to tell you when lucky planets will be influencing you. Some tarot (and other card) readers can also predict timing of events with amazing accuracy.

A psychic can always tell you ways to improve your luck, and when it will be more likely. But… if you are wanting to change your luck now, then you will be needing the assistance of an open mind, a strong belief, and a spellcaster.


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