Astrology in a Nutshell

Astrology in a Nutshell

We really love astrology at Psychic Bitch, and we really want to teach you more. We could write thousands of words about the planets, the signs, and the houses, but we’re going to try to keep it brief and in a “nutshell” for this discussion. People in most western cultures know that their astrology “sign” is calculated by the month and day they were born. But… there is so, so much more to know. The Sun is an important planet in astrology, but there are nine other major planets in the zodiac. The inner planets (Mercury through Mars and the Moon) can tell much about your personality by knowing what signs they are in. Astrology is also used for predictions. Knowing where the planets are now and what aspects they are making to one another (and to your birth planets), just like knowing the upcoming weather, can help you plan your life.

Some signs are compatible, and other signs are not. But, when looking for compatibility and romantic relationships, the easiest way is to compare the Moon signs. Where the Sun represents our characters and our outward personalities, the Moon represents our emotions and our personal side. The Moon can tell us how a person loves others. For example, Leo Moons are usually affectionate and faithful, but Aquarian Moons can be aloof and unpredictable. That doesn’t mean Aquarian Moons are bad. You just have to be the kind of person who is comfortable without constant reassurance and loves surprises. If you are interested in someone, but not sure if they are a match, contact an astrologer.

The third most important point in the Zodiac after the Sun and the Moon is the Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant. This is the very first degree of the first house. This point is calculated from one’s birth time and the latitude and longitude of one’s birth place. The houses are based on the spin of the Earth and basically say that our place on the planet rotates through all 12 signs in 24 hours. So, a person’s rising sign is the sign that the eastern horizon was pointing to at the moment they were born — not conceived. Its when your body actually emerged as an independent entity upon the planet. If you don’t know your birth time, you may be able to request a copy of your birth certificate that includes your birth time from your county or state agency. Some countries outside of the US do not record birth times. If that is your situation, you may be left to ask your mother. Even if Mom can only give us an approximate birth time, it will gives us an idea where to start. Many astrologers can then calculate your rising sign by knowing your history and adjusting the houses to coincide.

One quick and easy way to evaluate a person’s natal chart is to check the Elements. The Elements are fire, earth, air, and water. Each sign is assigned a specific Element, and most charts will display them for you in some kind of table or list. Look and see how many major planets that person has in each Element. If they have an abundance in one element, that person will carry more of those qualities. People with more planets in fire are likely to be more outgoing and aggressive. People with more water are more emotional. People with more air planets think on a higher plane and are usually more intelligent. People with more planets in earth signs are realistic and hard working. If they are missing planets in a certain element, their personality may be weak in that area. If they have an even balance of Elements, they are more balanced in all areas of their lives. The interesting point with the Elements is when someone has only one planet in a specific element. Then that planet becomes more significant in that person’s personality. Say someone has their Moon as their only planet in fire signs. The Moon represents our emotional side, and fire signs love attention. Because this person’s Moon is a singleton (only one in the element) in their chart, it becomes dominate. So, even though their Sun may be in hard-working, realistic Capricorn, they also have a tendency to express their emotions and perhaps generate a little drama.

We have only given you a slight taste of astrology in this essay. There is much, much more to learn. But, the good thing about Astrology is that you learn it in layers, like the way an onion grows. Learn what each sign and each planet means (or keep a “cheat sheet” handy), and you are ready to begin interpreting. Start with the three most important points we’ve discussed here, and take a look at the elements. You will amaze your friends, especially the skeptical ones.

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  • Very nice article!!! Astrology is very deep and interesting! I wish best for the development of astrology. I still think life needs it!

  • Yea its nice to see that,OABOSS! :)))). I wish someday I can become an astrologer! Im truly interested in astrology, currently I have learnt raw surface information of astrology for personal use. I will spent more time on astrology as both hobby and serious study! Thank you Boss again, very insightful article of astro! Best wishes Psychics and jobs! :))))) see ya!

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