Fuss About Soul Mates

What’s All the Fuss about Soul Mates?

Soul mates? Kindred Spirits? Twin Flames? What’s the difference? It’s easy to find the answer bewildering. How do we know what we want, when seeking someone special? The answer is personal for each individual, because (thankfully!) we’re all different and have different experiences. This is how it’s evolved for me, and how many people for whom I have done readings have found it to be in their lives, too.

For some reason, a lot of people seem to think that they need to meet their soul mate in order to feel complete. They seem to have this idea that a soul mate is the answer to all their love issues, their knight in shining armor, the one person on the planet with whom they can live out their lives in bliss. They get frustrated when they don’t find this in the people whom they are meeting. They’re looking for a life mate, and a life mate is a very different relationship than a soul mate.

Soul mates are here for a specific purpose; to elevate our souls. They do this by sharing an experience with us, by learning something from us, or teaching something to us, or helping us through a particular situation. Think about it; our physical bodies are dense, our spiritual bodies are a higher energy. Sexual relations with others are a very physical thing, and rarely happen successfully with those who are destined to be soul mates, simply because of the higher energies on which a soul mate relationship exists. When physical intimacy occurs between soul mates–because sometimes our human nature gets the better of us!–it changes the soulmate connection. This is where we might perceive the relationship to be that of ‘kindred spirits.’

Another kind of high-energy connection is when we meet someone who we are certain we’ve met previously. This can also be a kindred spirit vibration, or it may be a past life connection, too. Physics teaches us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, so who’s to say that we can’t return to have more than one human experience? Perhaps those who are meant to be life mates or kindred spirits in this lifetime are going to be soul mates in future incarnations. Confused, yet?

A disembodied being, either because they are between incarnations or have evolved beyond taking physical form, might be called a spirit guide. There are different ideas and different names for these beings, like ascended masters. They’re different than guardian angels, though, because angels have never had the experience of physical form like ascended masters and spirit guides.

It may be possible to have someone renowned to be a spirit guide, sure; after all, we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience (1), so it is entirely possible that someone famous may want to act as a spirit guide. I’ve found that many people can accept that their great uncle can give them messages from beyond the grave, but not someone more well-known. Quite the opposite is true, too; just because someone has a deep interest in Egyptology does not mean that they are Cleopatra reincarnated. The thing with past lives is just that; they’re past. If we were supposed to still be living there learning those lessons, we would be! Having said that, I do know someone who remembers being his own grandfather; very interesting story indeed!

Hopefully by now it’s apparent that spirit helpers can come in many guises, and not just as soulmates. By understanding the different identities, we have a better idea of what energy we are hoping to call into our lives. Often when people say they are seeking a soulmate, they’re really seeking a life mate. Knowing the characteristics of these energy signatures might make the difference between finding what we are seeking, or the long-term frustration of feeling constantly thwarted. Like energy always attracts like energy; what is it that we truly want to attract?


“Sarah Bellum”

1) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



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