Love, Relationships, and Free Psychic Readings

The number one question asked of psychics is about love and relationships. Let’s face it, only love is real. It’s the only thing you get to take with you when you die. Love is what makes us human, keeps us living, and brings us to our higher Self. Love is the only thing that really brings us happiness — not money, not sex, not power.

Did you know that it’s estimated that 90% of relationships in the US are called “tit-for-tat” relationships? “If you do this for me, then I will love you.” 5% of the relationships are in truly unconditional love relationships. “I love you no matter what you do.” And, 5% of relationships are in a domestic violence situation. Working with psychics and other spiritual people can help you elevate your relationship to that top 5%.

We have spouted off many times at Psychic Bitch about the psychic “fairies” who blow pink smoke up your ass just to get your money. People asking questions about love and relationships appear the most vulnerable to those predatory, pink psychics. They can sense what you want to hear, and they will blow it at you in multiple colors to keep you on the line (especially a pay per minute psychic). Some of them actually have a high ESP ability, and they can read your mind. They can say his/her name, but their forecasts are not as likely as they would want you to believe. The worst thing one can do is go to a number of different psychics and ask the same question about the same relationship. It’s like it generates a major quantum field that psychic predators can pick up on. Be sure to limit your visits to any psychic, and give each psychic’s reading time to develop (like weeks) before asking the same or a different question.

The number one relationship question asked of psychics is, “Will my lost lover return?” OMG, how tired we grow of that question. Studies have proven that when we feel specific emotions our brains release chemicals (neuropeptides) that are absorbed by the cells throughout our bodies. Scientists have learned that our cells cannot tell the difference between these neuropeptides and heroin (and other addictive substances). So, when we lose someone who has produced a specific emotional response within us, we go through withdrawal. We actually crave them with every cell in our our bodies. So, what we think is a “karmic,” “soul mate” connection is actually just a deep craving.

Some people choose to act like addicts calling psychics repeatedly asking the same question. And, some choose to go through the process, deal with their emotions without projecting them upon others, and wait for their bodies to readjust. Do we want to take responsibility for whom we are? Or, do we want to blame others, especially the ex? It’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our lives and take the psychic advice given to us. God speaks to us through many different people, including psychics.

The number two question asked to psychics in the love and relationships category is, “When will I find love?” Sometimes the words, “soul mate” or “twin flame” are also used. Again, too many people are looking for fantasy relationships, and they don’t realize the hard work involved in being in a relationship. They think that their past relationships were merely a situation of bad choices. Or, they blame their previous partner(s) for the relationship’s failure. Every relationship we experience happens for us to learn and to grow. Every lover we have had, or will have, is a soul mate. They come into our lives to help us see ourselves and to help us grow to a higher spiritual plane. But… its up to us whether we learn from the relationship and blossom, or whether we choose to blame others and hide inside of our human shells hoping no one ever actually sees us for whom we really are.

Many people are looking for another person to fill a “hole” in their life. They are lonely, and they think if they have a partner, a special person, in their lives, they will then find happiness. Even after a failed relationship, or two, or three, they still believe if they can just find that special person to love them, then joy and contentment will be their reward. Do we not realize that this kind of thinking is total insanity?

There is no other human being that can possibly ever fill that “hole.” That “hole” we feel is our Soul longing to be connected to the divine, the universe, “the source.” Its our Higher Self longing to be expressed and to experience love. Not being loved, but pure, real, unconditional love. Our Souls want to be loved by us, and once we make that connection and learn to love ourselves, our environments, our enemies, and our failures… then we are ready for that special person to enter our lives.

But, until then, we need to keep practicing. I heard John Bradshaw say (loosely quoted), “When we enter a relationship we bring baggage from our past relationships. But, the only place to work on that baggage is IN a relationship.”

Be good to yourself… :mrgreen:


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