Free Will

On the Subject of Free Will…

Recently a client asked me the following question.

“I’m about to do something I really don’t want to do, am I going to do it?”

**Face palm**

People, as psychics we don’t take away your free will. We don’t know if you are going to put your left shoe on before your right one. We don’t know whether you are going to go on a date to meet the love of your life or stay at home watching the television and eating popcorn. We don’t know if your future love is going to drive a green car. Maybe he drives one now but will trade it in before you meet him. Maybe we see a blue car now, but he trades it for green before you meet him; so are we seeing a blue or a green car? And guess what, people. THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT CARE WHAT KIND OF CAR HE DRIVES.

You know, we get it from all sides. We’re supposed to tell you the name, date, time, place and inside leg measurement of your ‘soul mate.’ Well, let me tell you what. Most of us have several people in our lives with whom are soul is going to connect, for a soul mate is someone who teaches us, and who grows our soul. They are not usually a life mate, for to bring that spiritual connection into the act of physical intimacy lowers it;s vibration.

Most of us have more than one person who would make a suitable life mate. It is simply a case of choosing who we find most appropriate, or who we want at the time. Like any other decision, the angels will not take it away from us. And, like any other decision, we make it, and then we choose (there’s that word again) to either make it work, or leave it and make another choice.

If you are presented with something in your life that you don’t’ want to do, don’t do it. Don’t ask a psychic to take away your free will. If you do it, and you find it was an inappropriate choice, make another choice to start to rectify the situation. That is when a good psychic can give you some pragmatic advice about how to change things, but you have to be willing to listen. Remember, Denial is da river in de country of Egypt.

The only constant in life is change, people. Hanging onto what we have outgrown — or what has outgrown us — is what brings us challenges and complications. This is not the plan which Spirit has for our lives. Yes, there are always going to be challenges. Big deal. That’s life. Roll with them.


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