Pet Horoscopes

Pet Horoscopes; Are you and Fluffy meant to be?

Yup, the energies of the universe when your pets are born have effect on their personalities and compatibly just as they do for you! Check out this quick guide to see how your pets fit their sun-sign’s personality; or if considering a new addition to your family!

Aries: March 21 – April 20

Key Words: Bold, Increased Animal Instinct, Loners

Puppies and Kittens born in this time-frame will be less the social family pet, and more of a roommate; sometimes you will see them, sometimes it might be days before they turn up. Do not try to crate animals born in this time period, nor expect them to be snuggle companions. These animals will be quite independent. Aries Dogs make good hunting companions and Aries Cats make good house protectors.

Suggested Names: Cat, Dog, Ogolthorpe, Zeus, Athena

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

Key Words: Loyal, Cuddly, Obedient

Puppies and Kittens born under a Taurus sun will be obedient and loyal companions, great for a family with children above five years of age. However, for little kids or non-animal lovers, these can be very volatile pets. When provoked, Taurean pets can snap so be careful! Taurean pets also love their food, especially of the human variety. If you need clean floors, let a Dog or Cat born in Taurus adopt you!

Suggested Names: Ozwald, Katie, Angel, Lovely, Teddy

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

Key Words: Intelligent, Eager to Please

If you want Fido or Fluffy to perform for friends, let one adopt you born under the Gemini sun! These animals are quick to learn tricks, and would almost prefer a pat on the head and some nice words instead of treats.. Almost.. But if you are one to enjoy areas of the house being pet free, you might want to avoid Gemini pets. They will outsmart you, and your baby gates, closed doors and other devices to keep them away.

Suggested Names: Fido, Mr. Wonderful, Ms Amazing, Houdini, Marvin the Magnificent

Cancer: June 22 – July 23

Key Words: Sensitive, Sweet, Timid

If you are considering a pooch to keep Great Aunt Zelda company, or a kitty for Grampa Joe, you might want to consider a pet born under the Cancer moon. These animals are sensitive, require lots of petting but are not high energy companions. They enjoy the quiet and are very loyal to only one or two people. If you are looking for a companion to help you loose those extra pounds and keep them off, maybe choose another month to be adopted.

Suggested Names: Ernest, Misty, Poochy, Meows, Paws, Patches

Leo: July 24 – August 23

Key Words: Prince or Princess, Centre of Attention

Did you like to play dress up when you were a child? If so, a Leo pet is for you. These lovely creatures know just how lovely they are, and expect you to ever dote on them and make them even lovelier. If you enjoy going to pet festivals, buying fashionable outfits in really small sizes or regular trips to the animal spa (no basic grooming salons here!) then a Leo pet is for you! Leo pets who adopt you expect to be pampered, Lord help you if you deny them!

Suggested Names: Sir MeowsAlot, Lady Penelope, Prince, Princess

Virgo: August 24 – September 23

Key Words: Self Sufficient, Neat and Tidy; Posh

Can you eat off of the floor in your house? If you cannot, then you can’t expect a Virgo animal to; they just won’t eat. Animals born under a Virgo sun are perfect for young single professionals who do not have much time for pets but wish to have a companion. These animals will take care of their grooming themselves and will not leave you unpleasant surprises when you get home. However, expect a dirty look and nudging if you don’t provide them with the finest of cuisine and most appropriate of bedding. If you don’t have expendable income, look for a pet born at a different time.

Suggested Names: Abigail, Gaston, Jacques, Pierre, Leroux

Libra: September 24 – October 23

Key Words: Part of the family, How did I live without him/her?

If you are looking for a loyal companion to be part of the family, if you grew up with animals or have animals and want to add to the family, then a Libra pet is for you. Expect to set a place for your doggy or kitty born under this sign. Expect your couches to become cosy animal nooks and your bed to be shared with one more. Expect when you go on vacation for Fido to come or Kitty to go on a vacation of her own. If you don’t have a lifestyle to which you can accommodate your work and social life to your pet’s needs, then a Libra pet may not be for you.

Suggested Names: Fluffy, Mumford, Snuffy, Fido, Peaches

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22

Key Words: Guard Animal, Two-Way Street

If you are looking for someone to take care of the family, but to take care of in return, then a Scorpio pet is what you are looking for. Incredibly loyal, but expecting, Scorpio pets will not allow strangers into the home without your permission. In return, you are not to let them out of your sight. Expect a very intuitive pet, and one who picks up on your feelings so make sure you have a happy home, or a Scorpian pet may become bitter and aggressive.

Suggested Names: Tiny, Precious, Mary-Lou, Pete

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Key Words: Playful, Amusing, Cute

Now if you are looking for a pet to chase a ball or Frisbee for hours and not get bored, then a Sagittarian is for you. These are the dogs who can spend hours in the park and love everyone who they meet or the friendly cat who snuggles non-stop and makes you laugh while they get themselves tied knots with a string. Great family pets, but not so great for the elderly or single professional.

Suggested Names: Wonderdog, Supercat, Kermit, Elmo, Barney

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Key Words: Mature, Independent, Even Keeled

Animals born in a Capricorn sun are great guide dogs, companion dogs for the elderly or business animals. They are just as happy to mind their own business and stare at imaginary spots on the wall as they are to be petted. But don’t expect these ones to stick around and cuddle, or jump at the chance to go for a walk. These animals do not make connections with humans very well and can be considered to be blase’.

Suggested Names: Luke, Sandy, Persephanie, Albert, John

Aquarius: January 21 – February 19

Key Words: Eccentric, Odd, One of a Kind

Do you want a pet with quirks? A dog who sleeps on its back with its legs in the air or a cat who sleeps in a dog cage snuggled next to a pooch? If you want an animal to tell funny stories about, then an Aquarian is for you. These animals have no sense of how they should act, and will do the strangest things. If you are looking for a companion more like a human than a pet, then an Aquarian is the way to go. However, for families, these sensitive and strange pets may not fit the bill.

Suggested Names: Zander, Ophilia, Bertha, Abalone, Poindexter, Karma

Pisces: February 20 – March 20

Key Words; Energetic, High Strung, Sensitive

If you have a large family who all love animals, then Pisces pet is for you! These animals are so high strung that you will rarely see them sitting or lying down. They are always up for a walk, but shy enough not to push you for one. To allow a Pisces pet to adopt you is to accept a child into your life for their entire life. Also, as a child is super empathic, a Pices pet is as well, so make sure your home is a happy home if you are to bring one into it.

Suggested Names: Sunny, Ralph, Fernando, Fredrica, Twilight, Star

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