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Pet Psychics – Save a Kitten

Yes, we can understand your pets, and we will tell you what they have to say. Its time to adopt a kitten, and start them off right. Erika, the Pet Psychic, from Star Breeze Tarot will be here to teach us just what our pets want and need. It will be an enlightening discussion.

Psychic  Heeler


More about Erika – Pet Psychic

Erika’s Website – Starbreezetarot


Click the Player to listen to Pet Psychics – Understanding Your Pet


Pet Psychics and Understanding Your Pet

Program Guide

Chapter 1 – Pet Psychic vs. Pet Psychology

Chapter 2 – The Pet Psychic Connection

Chapter 3 – Divination Tools of the Pet Psychic

Chapter 4 – The Psychic Connection between Humans and their Pets

Chapter 5 – Why and When to Call a Pet Psychic

Chapter 6 – Adopt a Kitten

Chapter 7 – A Reading with Erika

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