Learning Tarot

Learning Tarot – Spreads and Interpretations

Tarot Basics! Tarot card meanings, spreads, and interpretation. Dona from Destiny Tarot is here to teach us the fundamentals of the ancient art of Tarot. In this discussion we will not discuss the individual meanings of the cards. Instead, we will look at the overall function of the Tarot. We talk about how to use your intuition along with the cards to connect to the divine. We also discuss how to read for others and for yourself and the different types of spreads for different situations.

Learning Tarot

Destiny Tarot

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Beginning Tarot

Program Guide

Chapter 1 – Origins of the Tarot

Chapter 2 – Choosing a Tarot Deck

Chapter 3 – Your Intuitive Connection to the Cards

Chapter 4 – Reading for Others

Chapter 5 – Reading for Myself

Chapter 6 – The Tarot Deck

Chapter 7 – Questioning the Tarot

Chapter 8 – Tarot Spreads and Layouts

Chapter 9 – Empathy and the Tarot

Chapter 10 – Using a Tarot Mentor


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