Astrology 101

Astrology 101 – The Basics

Come and learn the reality of astrology — We are more than just our sun signs… much more! Psychic Selene is here to teach us the fundamentals of our natal charts, and it is an enlightening discussion.


Psychic Selene

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Astrology 101 – Keywords and Concepts


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Astrology Resources

Astrolabe – Free Birth Chart and Astrology Report

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone

Star IQ – The Future of Astrology

WinStar Express – Astrology Software

Jan Spiller


The Symbols (Glyphs)

Astrology Symbols - Glyphs


The Elements

Fire SignsEarth SignsAir SignsWater Signs


The Qualities

Cardinal SignsFixed SignsMutable Signs

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One thought on “Astrology 101 – The Basics

  • Well done, ladies! Astrology 101 was presented exceptionally well. My birth data is: 12/14/1953 -11:58PM (War Time)- Franklin,(Johnson Co.), Indiana. My Sun is in Sag – Moon in Aries – And, my Asc. is in Virgo. During the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, my chart lit up like a Christmas Tree! LOL! I am looking foreward to Astrology 102. Thank you for your time. 989-327-1559

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