Hinduism and Eastern Philosophy

What is Hinduism? How does Eastern philosophy differ from Western? Maharani Rutan is here to tell us the basics. It is an enlightening discussion.


Maharani Rutan


Links to Maharani Rutan

Maharani’s Website, CosmicPsychic

The Eastern Serendipity – Vedic Talk Radio

Planetary Mantras from Maharani


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Hinduism Part 1 – Concepts of God and Beliefs

Program Guide

1. The Vedas

  • The Gitas – Scriptures from God
  • Teach us to let go of our Egos and create better Moksha
  • Vedic means living life following the Gitas

2. The Ego

  • To be humble, we need to move away from our egos
  • Karma – Choices we make from our egos
  • Dharma – life’s lessons

3. Karma

  • Challenge is how we handle our situations

4. God

  • Does not have a face, but there is one single intelligence
  • God has sent Avatars to help us through our lives

5. The Avatars

  • Includes Sun and Moon, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha

6. Pujas

  • Like prayers
  • Verbal connection to God

7. Yoga

  • Physical connection to God
  • Positions refer to nature

8. Moksha

  • The Soul
  • Must be humble to understand our Soul

9. Four Beliefs

  • Moksha
  • Dharma – How we talk to life
  • Karma – How we live our lives
  • Yoga – Nonverbal conversation

10. Hinduism

  • Way of life not religion
  • God is the Hindu’s psychiatrist
  • How to be like God, so you can have a one on one experience with God

11. The Gita – The Vedas

  • Which Gitas to purchase

12. Mantras

  • “Hum” with God
  • God does not speak in language, but in sound

13. Namaste

  • Blessed be
  • A form of respect

14. Hindu Beliefs

  • Everyone must be respected
  • Be humble
  • Speak the truth
  • Unconditional love
  • Forgiveness
  • Work hard

15. Vedic Astrology

  • Forecasts which years things will happen in our charts
  • Shows what our Dharmas are and how to prevent them

16. How we can include Hinduism in our lives

  • Can practice your own religion
  • Read the Gita
  • Practice the Gita
  • Be religious and spiritual within your own God
  • Learn to meditate – be with God
  • Learn Yoga at a temple
  • Go to temple every now and then. No set days for worship.
  • Take 15 minutes with God every day
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