Queen Bitch

Electing the Queen Bitch

You are electing a another queen at Psychic Bitch
not a duke, not an Earl, not a witch

Listen up and take note
each question gets one vote

You must ask for a psychic by name
to play this silly game

Down the road you can buy more
this will close on the lead score

Vote for Maharani our diet queen
she doesn’t eat meat, only curry and beans

Bats in the attic has Fury
her fate lies in the hands of a jury

Cruella is dumb and has no wit
don’t judge her by the size of her one big….

Viper Angel is very nice
you should vote for her at least twice

If you are a sap
vote for Karma and get slapped

Do you want to vote for the one on sauce
then cast your lot with the Omniscient Anonymous Boss

Zoe is the smart choice don’t you see
she went through school, all D’s

Angelina might be the best
write and put her to the test

Cosmic Confusion is quite dumb
won’t you write and harass him some

Storm Chylde has a lazy eye
therefore, his votes you must buy

Belligerent Bastard’s name is long like the train
whoever thought of it has no brain

You should vote for ShyOwl
if someone doesn’t she’ll have a cow

Donamatrix is the classiest one here
vote for her after your last beer

Vote for Sultry Siren so calm and cool
her picture alone will make you drool

On all the bitches I already look down
so I don’t need another bloody crown

This contest is just a game
so don’t vote for me you bag of shame

I do not want your kids votes
you must be human, not goats

You and your soul mate’s vote will not do
I don’t need the support of a pair of shoes

If you’re voting from overseas
vote for someone else not me

I’m not sure about you Roo’s
so a vote from you will not do

Will I win the lottery soon
don’t want your vote either, you bafoon

Go ahead and vote for me
and have eyes that look like black eyed peas

If you’re in a bad relationship
don’t want your vote or your lip

Girl with your batteries and all
don’t vote for me, but, give me a call

In Aug. it will all be done
Doesn’t this sound like fun


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Karma, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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