Contrasting Christmases

Contrasting Christmases

It is Christmas Day
Unemployment is down politicians’ say

Listening to the river’s rippling sound
While nestling on the cold, cold, ground

Keeping warm by the fire
I have merchandise, but, no buyer

I imagine my kids are doing fine
They have no idea I’m in a bind

Rich folks watching football before they dine
Anyone want another glass of red wine

Pastor said we did heavenly, serving in the soup kitchen today
Did you hear what those wretched people had to say

The coffee is about ready
I’ll drink it when my hands are steady

Cooking up a pot of soup beans
The cold wind blowing through a hole in my jeans

The sun is about down
I can see the Christmas lights from downtown

Turkey with all the trimmings being served in the parlor
Counting change to see if I have a dollar

Let’s have a toast and then a glass of cheer
Thank you Lord for teaching me to do without beer

What did you get your children today
We got them both a thoroughbred bay

I gave my kids all my love
Told them when it is time, I’ll watch them from above

We bought ourselves brand new cars
Thank you Lord for lighting my path with stars

Show them your 24 ct. necklace I gave you my wife
My Anna had led the good life

Life is good, I have a bridge over my head
Plenty of leaves to make my bed

Let someone else sleep on the cot
Thank you God for what I got

Our feasts are almost done
Merry Christmas everyone


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Karma, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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